here is what real love

here is what real love is


real love is taking action when not asked

taking up for those who fall short

speaking for those who can't

real love is

when my father cleans for my mother

or when my mother massages my father's shoulders

I see this real love in my family

without asking for it, things are done

and when I ask why my parents say, "because I love you"

here is what real love is

love is patient

love is kind

love does not envy and does not boast

love is never ending, never ceasing

love is full of possabilities 

it is the happiness in the hope

its is the smiles in the joy

and the peace in the chaos

the rushing of the wind

andthe breath knocked out


love is the beating of the heart

the selfless acts

and teary eyed chats

the joy of a smile

and the knowing you'll be with them for a while

not because you have to but "beacause I love you"



This poem is about: 
My family


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