Not so Cinderelly

"Grounded, you can't go out!"

I heard, he didn't have to shout.

"You can't go to the prom!"

I think, he should take that up with mom.


Dad slammed the door shut, off to work

He isn't usually such a narsistic jerk.


Slid into my safehaven; it's always a mess

There it was, my long, new satin dress 

It was sky blue, just like cinderella

but I had no prince, not a single fella'


Glass shoes would kill my toes

So I wear converse, because anything goes

A tap on my window, who could it be?

My three bestfriends, Jack, Kenz, and Keely


No fairy god mothers can wish me to prom

The girls climb in the window, time to call mom

"Actually, let's just go-"

"Right- how would he even know?"


I didn't have a big magical carriage and horse

I just had two parents in the middle of divorce.

So we left, with nothing to lose 

No glass slipper, or any other kind of shoes


Ford Focus, zooming down the street

3 girls scream singing, and dancing to the beat


We arrived, and hurried inside

Bodies moving, darkness, cha-cha-slide

Ofcourse, tall dark and handsome arrived

"Punch?" I felt my heart stop, then revive

He wasn't a prince or even close to a keeper

he sure was cute, but nothing deeper


Hours of dancing, and typical calf pain began

This was never my intention, not my plan

It was GNO, and no curfew I wanted to follow

But midnight struck, it was hard to swallow


I probally should head home soon

I ran outside to a big, glowing full moon

We went and got slushies at 7-11

Done with high school, we were in heaven 


I got to my porch, they drove away

To my surpise, no screaming, I wait

"Pancakes?" He asks, flipping them high

"That is something I cannot deny!"


The guy? I left nothing behind, he didn't call back

If you thought this was a love story, I'm going to yack

We all know Prom isn't a fairy tale.


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