The day you entered my life/ I know we won't have any strife/ Our family: Dad, child, wife/ But taht is just a big fyffe// A lie just to give you hope/ Daddy don't need to elope/So please baby don't go mope/My chance of love is a slope// Baby do not have any fear/ I will forever be here/ Just like a mirror it's clear/ I only need you my dear// I know you want a mommy/ To complete our family/ I wish I can find love honey/ Let's relax and breathe calmly// Cristae, I love you my sweet/ Laugh when tickling your feet/ We dance to the groovy beat/ I will scorn the guys you meet// You are mine and only mine/ The guy who takes you to dine/ But  I know you need to shine/ Dating is ok and fine// Find a man that treats you right/ Someone who calls you his light/ Do not stay out late, all night/ If hurt, he will feels dad's might// Wipe away tears, daddy's here/ Let's go to Monica's pier/ Smell the ocean and drink beer/ You'll find love, give it a year// My gorgeous daughter growing/ She is moving on and leaving/ Walk her down at her wedding/ Tears of joy I am crying// I will remember the day/ Adopt and took you away/ And every day I would say/ "I love you my sweet Cristae"//

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My family
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