2016, The Year That Was and 2017, The Year That Could Be


Leap year

The year to finally achieve my goals


Trapped in darkness

Your safety net and rock just got diagnosed

He has cancer

You fall in a hole

He will recover.

CALL 911

First hospital visit

He recovers

Maybe they will put him on a stronger medication

CALL 911

Second hospital visit

This is not looking good.

The world as you know it is filling with darkness

Clouds of acid rain pierce your heart and sting your senses.

It is time to begin Medical School.

They tell me:

Whatever you do DON'T FALL BEHIND

I am not worried.

Diligence is my middle name.

First exam is tomorrow, I am ready to ace it.


He is now in hospice care.

I see him for the first time in a year.

How are you feeling...they all say

NOT GOOD he says behind tears.

I sing him the songs he sang to me as a kid

I get a smile out of him.

That is the last conversation I have with him.


Stuck in darkness

No where to go

There are screams everywhere you go

Living a nightmare

The world is changing

No one is immortal

Although some reality TV stars may seem that way



It is time.

Time to pick myself up

No one can bring me down

I fall

I make mistakes

I am not the smartest

I am not the strongest

I am not the kindest

I can use a hand

The pain is all over me.


No one will outwork me

If you want something

Then go get it.

This is the year.

Nothing will stop me.

This year will change the world.

I may come out bruised and dirty

But I will come out of that dense forest

I will see the rainbow

I may not find the pot of gold

Then I will create the pot of gold.

2016 good bye.

2017 here we go!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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