Do You Remember That Time?

Remember that time,

When you said you would try

to come to my graduation

and you were unable to make

it and I began to cry a river of


The crying, something you have seldom seen.

The last time that you saw me cry was when I was a baby.

Now I'm a teen with important things.

I play sports, act and I am going to do A-Team.

You've even missed my sweet 16


You mother was even there, she traveled 2 and 1/2 hours to come and eat with me for a short while.

You had a meeting.

Sometimes when I feel sad and selfish,

I think

why don't you quit your job

call a cab


come home to visit?

Why don't you change occupations?

You travel too much.

If home is where the heart is, your home is wherever you job takes you next.

You say "I love you!"

I know that behind those words is a Starbucks gift card in the mail.

I say it back because it's what society wants me to do.

Do I really love my dad?

right now, I think it's toleration.

I don't like being bought,


I guess it's the way

my dad shows his love.

You may think I'm selfish


this is not

An I love my dad,

he is the best father a girl could ask for poem.


I'm being real,

something that my father

always told me to be.


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