Am I still your little girl, Daddy,
Please tell me it's true.
I think I grew up too fast, Daddy,
Even though I didn't have a clue.
I tried to grow up for you, Daddy,
So you didn't have to try so hard.
When you went out at night, Daddy,
I'd stay up til you were home and out of the car.
Why is it, Daddy,
That I feel I can't talk to you?
I really hate this, Daddy,
Even I regret how fast I grew.
I always have to wonder, Daddy,
What it'd be like to see you every day.
Whould things be different, Daddy,
If I didn't have to be careful about everything I say.
I love you with all my heart, Daddy,
But what I love the most,
Are the nights we stay up talking, Daddy,
The nights you hug me close.


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