love Among the ruins

I stood still,
Never thought of being' shaken, taken for, coz love was granted.

Never was, never did,
Coz ever since our, love existed,
In the beginning, there was a word,
And the word was with Us,
And the word was love,

A Word so, so small,
But actions that speak louder than voices' 
Choices' we take to make it, lighten'
Enlightenment' felt coz we revolutionized the type' 
Of love,
Shared, cared,
Coz it was pure at heart,
Pure, so pure as an art,
Peacefull, just to caress' not feeling guilty, of anything'
Coz shame' wasn't there' she died,
Lies' fought a fight, but truth killed him,
Love in the ruins, such an epic attention, coz we were only two of us, so we sought, it

By @khalobill

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Our world
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