My Hero

Whenever you call

whatever you need

I'm there in a flash,

But who's there for me?


My mom, some say?

I mean, you could be right.

I just want to thank God

My father is in my life.


Independence is from him,

My walk is from him,

My thoughts are from him,

My talk is from him


Okay, I get it

He can get in the way.

But I would end my life

For that man any day.


And being childish?

Yeah, that's all him too

But can't none of that can compare

To what he's been through


From the terrible divorce

And moving home to home.

Now you raising two beautiful daughters

On your own.


And If tell the whole story

You'll be frozen awe.

Just know my hero is my daddy

My father, my "Paw".



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