For you, My first love, Daddy, & my guardian Angel

Once again I am afraid to face this day

The day you left without returning

The 18th of January where my heart felt an unrecognizable pain

Where my life by your side slipped away from my hands

The day that stays on the back of my head,

Like a record playing on replay

Giving me a heartache that doesn’t stop at any rate

Leaving me breathless, gasping for air

I wished you had stayed

My life without you hasn’t been that great

I am still your little girl with a whole lot to learn

You will never stop being my dad even if you’re a little further away

Just so you know I still have our pictures

I look at them every once in a while, and I replay those moments in my head

My guardian angel in the skies above, why don’t you stop by

I have so much to tell you about my life

First of all I am going to graduate from high school like we planned

I will be going to college like you said

I wont be an accountant like you, I decided to take another route

Remember my 5-year-old-doctor-days well it seems like I’m going there again

I hope I’m making you proud

That’s all I think about each time I look up at the sky

Daddy, I’m going to be a doctor like when I was little, remember?

Would you get mad if I say sometimes I feel like I cant anymore?

Because deep in me I know that I am not strong at all

You are the strength that keeps me going with motivation at the fast pace

I promise to not let you down on this, my career will be my gift to you

I don’t care who says no, and how many close doors I cross

For you, my first love, Daddy, and guardian angel above

I will fight till the day I show up to your grave with my degree at my hand

And until that day comes I know I made you proud of what your little girl has become 


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