Earlier in the twilight

I saw the beautiful light

The day has just begun

And long shall it be gone


Although its a beautiful day

The town has grown cold

It is a day in April Bay

And feary tales told

Are ever scary

But never am I scared


My bossom fails me

My vision too blurred

I doth no longer trust me

The earth is running red

The loads becoming too heavy

And roads too arched

I was born indigent with no heir

And so life to me is faked


Although I was born

I wasn't blessed

And so was I torn

Into two and ever stressed

Coz the only one I know

Is my late bearer

And for nine moons known

Period to whoever is a labourer

Is unforgettable to all though gone

The cruel owner is somewhere unknown


Although late mum knows this

She's lond gone

But in me

Memories are made of this

And never shall I

Forgive who owns me!


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Okelo Sejo

All are welcome to share a dcomments on my newly published poetry. this will help sharpen my knowledge in writings.

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