I Miss You Guys, Don't worry i'll be Great.

I miss you guys, More and more each day.

I wish, I wish it didn't have to be this way.

Remember those days where we just sat and smile for a while.

Nothing but smiles and laughs.

And now I weep nothing but tears. 

It's never easy saying goodbye, to someone you miss.

I don't think my heart will ever heal, from this huge lost.

I miss those days when I was little, the way you use to tickle my feet.

Oh I miss you Kyle, so so much.

Remember those days i came over and sat with you and grandmom.

The way we talk and how you smiled at me.

I miss you Poppop, please come back.

Wishing You guys come back, just one more time to say Goodbye.

My heart will never be the same, and I have no one to blame..

Losing you guys has been a ton on my life. 

I feel so confused, to even believe it's true.

So unreal, but yet i feel the pain.

People say I'm stressed, but in reality I know I'm blessed.

I know i'll be okay, atleast I hope. 

Each day I'll pray.

Leaving for college less than, 3 months.

I don't know if I'll manage, but I know ya'll will always be here.

Life hit me hard, never thought I'll be on this road.

Only thing I have is the things you guys showed me. 

I wish we had less memories that we've shared.

Because there were so many good ones.

The sorrow in my heart continues each day, no matter how much I smile.

I'll always have that pain, that's so broken.

Oh, I just miss you guys so much.

Please come back, just cover the fact that your gone.

Wake me up from this nightmare, just let me dissappear.

I know theres no time for running, i'm just hoping I be okay.

Making you guys proud, is first on my list.

Smiling down on me will be the best gift.

I will continue to being blessed. 

I don't Know how i"ll do it but I will.

Don't worry about me guys, i'll be Great knowing your safe.

One more hug before you go forever, will just be so much better.

Forever in my heart Daddy & Poppop, Dpn't worry about me because,

I'll be Great.



This poem is about: 
My family
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