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The shrill trill of the baboon,  a crude tune sung beneath the moon. Taking swills to steel their wills—
The second of three poems in a final project assigned during the ELA 12 poetry unit. Beginning stanza, quoted, belongs to "Spring Drawing 2" by Robert Hass;
Fading away from this oppressive light drifting into an endless night Happiness renewed under different circumstance Embracing the energy of this maniacal dance On ethereal wings I flee from my spark
Believe it or not, you've inspired, Something inside with which hope can be acquired. Despite the memories burnt in the fire, I'll always remember us and reach ever higher. Next time I think I'm too tired,
Inspired  A lot of things come to mind when we think of Inspiration  We have Motivation and Pain that Inspires us  Or we have Love and Desire that Inspires us 
  The river appears before me that I never knew of, It fills me with confusion, for I never knew it. A child, just there, just there, like a river flows before me
Tingly, sensation running through my body Excitement coursing in my veins The unknown is everything before me What has passed sets a foundation for today  
Art is Inspiring  By Ashley Rissmiller  Art is inspiring!  Art flows from the creative mind.  The poet… The painter…  The dancer…  The musician… The actor… The dreamer…  
Into the cave I went, Clueless and rather small. Voices, laughing, crying, I didn’t know where I belonged at all.   I never saw myself being involved
For all my life, I have never had an inspiration, 
Oh how sweet to feel the warmth of a smile, While being caught up in your eyes all the while. We sit together by the fire While you never fail to inspire. Your words don't go unheard,
What a concept inspritaion is. The idea that some one, some thing, some fleeting moment or passing comment could inspire someone to make a change take a step give an inch and change there life forever.
Drawing Inspiration   Like a glimpse into a dream I find something in a silver seam A dust or drop, a ray of light Fills my heart so full and tight
“Effervescent!' said I, “thing of ghost.” Back into my memories bewitching And so it came gently murmuring Haunting - haunting - haunting!
As the sun slowly sets in the falling heat of summer, It shines a light hue of gold. A warm a color as smooth as honey, I simply stare as I can tell my eyes have lit up,
there are so many people in this world so many ideas so many thoughts. it is a miracle that we can exsist at all.   there are so few people who rise about the rest above the noise and chaos.
To be inspired, is a beautiful thing. Some find it in flowers, others in things unseen. So as I sit here and write down my feelings, I ask myself this, well what inspires me.
  My mind has pondered, on the insightful topic of my own heart It has wondered what gets me moving. What pushes me to dream the dreams that I dream
And there it is “Congratulations!” Written on the first line   Is that for me? Is that a false alarm? Am I needed for diversity?   I patiently waited for my real letter
No one can stop me, Even if I see your shadowI Come closer to you, Even if you want to goI Always love you, Even if you don’t think soI Want to say sorry, Even if you hit with toe
There is an annoying orange fruit, Who considers himself as quite cute. A sprite would start raving mad Then beating this funny lad With some leprechaun magic, "Hoot, hoot!"
As I lay here with my thoughts..thoughts of reflection. Thinking about the hearts I mishandled carelessly, breaking them after adding them to my collection.
You were in and out of my life for as long as I can remember In a place, you might as well call home Three walls, behind bars, all alone You made friends whose names were pen and paper
It has taught me how to express myself in ways actions could not. It has molded me into someone who does not use the words can not.
Since I can remember, probably the age 8 old folks taught me to sit and pray. They gathered around, coming at me from left and right preaching words out loud like, understand you need to
Inspired by the fire So vibrant and bright Dancing in the wind As stars light the night Mesmerizing all So alive and free A light so bright That all can see And although you maybe
20 years have now passed  and It’s hard to believe That the pain of the loss  is still there with me As strong as before  but with less memory But no less the desire though
P a t h w a y s        By: SeemsPoetic   I can feel it in my heart I'm already slowing dying  In my mind…
Fallen in love with things unseen Culture I have adored People I'v never met before Inspired beyond reward   Trapped in this selfish humanity Gated we'll always be
I love how your hand fits in mine, I love how your smile can light up a room, I love how your eyes shine in the sun light, I love when your Eyes meet mine. You are the Ronald to my Hermine.
Because I love you. I will admit when I am wrong. Because I love you.. I won't ever do you wrong. Because I love you.. I will build a rapport. Because I love you..
Since when does one become "evil"? Is it my pride that broods you? Or my age of wisdom and fairness No one Not even my little sister Could ever succeed?  
Left and right, front and back people Stand there. Inching closer to the doors that Slide. All for Saving their legs. The ding Sounds a high pictched tone. A  Sudden jolt forward, everyone ushers
i once met a goddess on a lonely road Knots of gold adorning her crown shining jewels as green as a toad Diverted all the way down   roses flourished in her cheeks As she continued to stare
Dear Frank,  These days I dreamto be your soulful tragedienne -Your affinity across the sea;That awaits your return so patiently.  For a man who lives one love at a time,
I'm nine years old  and what do you know?  I got these feelings,  how do I show?  At the computer I sit and out my fingers, poems flow. One, then two, four, five, ten,
A wizard climbed in through a tunnel He broke with with quite a struggle I knew he was a wizard because I’m a muggle “Well hi” I said in a tone quite sarcastic  
You make me happy when skies are grey. And even when they’re not.   Because we are taught That things are conditional. I’ll do this, If you do that.   For some reason we struggle
Where on Earth will you go If you just give up now? There are so many things your potential can allow! Stand straight and tall, And try hard not to fall, As you rise to conquer them all!
All drifting in the wind The soft sweep Of … my life. Nothings gonna change my world But then you came along Nothings gonna change my world You broke my heart And changed my world
In the dark Of the night Beneath the light From the moon   In the smell Of the leaves On the trees Throughout the clearing   Before the light Of the sun
To see a place, to watch its people walk around with their Tesco bags and their baguettes and their pretty smiles is nice.   To hear a place, to listen to its birds
It’s in the way I see shapes in the clouds. It’s how I feel when the sun kisses the horizon good night.  It’s when the bride and groom hold hands.  It’s the first breath from the summit.   
It was warm and sunny outside and the way the brick walls held that heat inside like a blanket reminded me of our winters. The buzzing willow crowd made me smile  like when you tapped my nose
Poetic thoughts form onto my blank page
I ask you to listen to me You hear my words but you only hear, not listen You have not done what I've asked I ask you to care for me You care about me but only to an extent You have not done what I've asked
I'm addicted to beauty, Addicted to destruction. I'm addicted to pieces and broken things Because I'm trying to find my "whole". I'm addicted to the sunrise, And to the moonrise,
As a human I am flaw To deny is to lie. To polish to perfection is the work of the demented To be something I am not is to abominate my heart   As a human I have flaw
The other students make me insane
There a poor man and his wife and children at a restaurant
I lose myself, collapse; another breakdown, I find myself; rised; another landslide, I changed; succeded; another let down, but those little things outside, shutdown. I'd opened my eyes and saw what's inside,
You wonder why i am still here and across the world i should have been. Because opportunity left me as a little girl. Grow up in hood, watch folks sale their soul to get rich quick.
Girls and boys do not fool yourself A mirror does not define who you are When you wake up in the morning Do not look in the mirror If inside you feel good then you look Good
her life isnt as perfect as it seems its filled with false hopes and fucked up dreams and when she searched the world she failed to find her  one  and only  piece of mind
You Loyal, honest Teaching and helping Inspiring us all everyday Amazing
We, class of 2015, are embarking on the last days of this chapter.
Clap yo' hands, Clap yo' hands! Sia's music is the only music- That can make me dance; If ever I'm down and out, Or just need SOMETHING  To think about, Sia knows just what to do;
Tears begin in her dead green eyes which fall and shatter like glass. Her heart had frozen long ago. On her face, She wears a mask.   To them She smiles; I see Her frown.
The heart that you have beats for only one reason or for someone. In my case is for someone really special.
  Oh, the battles one fights in this life I was given
  The cold pillow is engulfed around your face, full of tears, full of dreams and memories shattered.
Though darkly inspired
The Antithetic Leaf   Come on...blow me away; Get me off of this tree;
Why the fuck do we need money to help people with injuries or illnesses? Why can't all of the countries around the world make an agrrement to make health care free?
A simple no  Can mean life or death A simple yes  Can make a flower sprout or an old man fall   Is it red ? or is it blue? The decisions essential for life These decisions 
No one knows the real me. On the outisde, I smile, I grin, and I greet everyone  Everyone that has seemed to put me down I hide behind a smile... I smile as if there was not a single problem in my life.
Blessed is the man that do not walk in the counsel of the unGody, nor stand in the way of sinners,
Your kisses hold me hostage      like a barrel to my brain Your scent constricts my breathing      it's like haroine in my veins You came in with guns blazing      and demanded my heart
Your fingernails tear through my flesh as we spin through dead air, my arm clenched around your neck for life,  Your blood boils just as mine, and when the pressure is released,
Paradise sits on the mountainside Towering buildings of all size Where the water rolls and glides Up on this city of mine   Towering buildings of all size
it is 4a.m. i peer down at christmas lights strung across dusty anthills. 6 stories and 1 roof high, my metaphorical hand grasps the closest metaphorical hand; knees are pressed up against backs for warmth.
Hannah was late coming home this evening. Traffic was slow and she had trouble leaving. Work was hard and she hadn't any time
I once had a dream The earth was paved over
When we're under the sheets I'm more than just dreaming I'm in a  better place, bigger than just my fairytale
I miss you so much it hurts or maybe i miss what we use to have, I use to think the phrase "i love you to much it hurts" wasnt true, but as I can see thats the definition of how im feeling.
If I aspire to nothing I will be nothing. If I work hard I'll only be disappointed But... If I work for me I will achieve greatness.   If I live to love I shall crash and burn.
I have a house I call my own, within a white cerebral sky. It’s lively and it flows, but someday it’ll die.                                   Splattered with pink, red, and white,
There is only one reason. 
She was a hurricane a tempest so true so strong and indestructible blowing through existence and soaking everyone in her way   day by day more fell wounded from her rage
I remember him coming home on the first day of school
I've never felt so empty yet full You take over my mind,  Like dark clouds on a stormy day But add color to my darkest nights  The thought of you fills my mind  But takes my soul 
Why is it that you can’t see Your own beauty? I wish I had a million words to Describe you. What is it that makes you Quietly doubt my love? I wish I had a million words to describe it.
When I was young I didn't know,  Where exactly I should go. My life was crazy, always turning, Never knowing, always learning. I'm a growing flower and knowledge is power.  
One ride away, a ride filled with men. To battle they go, in defense of their kin. Some sleep and some pray, some bask in the din, some think about their future, ALL hope for a win.
For the moment passing, fearful and somber,
  Not Over You 
Autumn. With hands bearing no harm.
I blamed myself. my seeds too low.
All the eyes surrounding. broken.
Your magic is black magic laced with orchid and nebulae in cycling and accelerating returns the giants of cloud's wont in inversed s
just a clone Alone forgotten a beast   no free will chained  caged  harvested   light prince of hell hated  just a creation  
just a clone Alone forgotten a beast   no free will chained  caged  harvested   light prince of hell hated  just a creation  
Two adventure stories in conceit. Alas I could not read each.  One was said to hold happy deceit.  The other holds pain, sorrow, and defeat.
Girl in Blue wading in golden grain so tall it tickles her palms as she strides toward a nearby spruce. She breathed in the air fresh from a recent rain.
Don’t slouch down!Wipe off that frown!The chapel is just right uptown.
Grew up with only one image in my eyes, "I will never make it". It was even worse soon as I heard that my best friend, my mother was taken.
  Crystal clear water dances effortlessly amongst the reefs. The crest of waves fall upon the sand like gentle giants. Seashells abundant in every direction are vivid in the morning light.
In the midst of all madness one thing will stay true a future,a purpose, for me and for you. Each person, each problem, so big or so small will only push you to the point of it all.
One of eight, a boy grows up listening to Beatles music He sings along to every song  And hopes his voice is heard  He sings of love and "Let it Be"  His family sings along
Days like these
You'd never guess how far you'd go To gain a freedom you've never known. All it takes is that right preson, the right way To help you get through another day. Don't let them tell you that there's no truth
The flavor dances to the tip of my tongue; Of the luscious sweetness of the first hello; Biting at the first taste what life has strung; And spitting out my past below.   My first hello of my new career;
What a wonderful time; For a wonderful change; To celebrate America's; Another coming of age.   Oh beautiful our country is; Another year to renew; United we stand;
Every year; You'll grow one year older. You'll be more mature; And you'll be much bolder.   There is a special time; In every person's life; To experience something new;
His self is more than just a common male; Pale tint skin far more white than snow; Conscience as equal as sun and hail; Large pale blue eyes that radiately glow.
One Day I will conquer the world, Show the world what I am, Who I am and where I come from. I will storm the world like a rocket.   I will feel empowered, And take my clothes off.
Your eyes are like a setting sun on silk green grass flowing to the wind I have nt slept since the last I saw of them I long for them, I long for their master Long for the soft cherry red lips of sweet sugar on mine
By the River Piedra I sat down and wept All my fears into the stream Carried down to the stones The bones, the sun shone That day, again I await the day That you return home
We wake up early to go to bed late Go to a place that we all hate Have seven long hours of school Only to go home and have four more It is was to much for a young teen
Teachers will teach. Students will learn. But, the way teachers teach, is the students concern. They rely on their education to make them great.
My teacher Waves her hands  Towards the board like my attention  Should be focused on adjectives and verbs She placed me next to the smelly kid And the girl who always makes fun of me I stare outside
People are unpredictable. If you think they are who they say they are, then you're wrong from the start. You can only know somebody, if you truly know their heart. But how will you know that if they cover up their scars,
I dip my toes into the tide Adjacent to the edge of my all-consuming paracosm. The water has a mystical air. The waves are words phrases riddles waiting for me to taste their cool symphony.
A beautiful glance mothers havea look that warms, comforts and calms,Encourages and embraces you in difficult times.
And with four little letters; hinged off the corners, of your lips, you changed the world.   And out of nowhere;
We write to be heard, it's the simplest of cases. We're shouting with our voices, but being ignored by everyone's faces.   We struggle to succeed, and become who we're "supposed to be,"
Picked up and read Shel Silverstein, Looking for a real quick read. Crazy that I still know the name of it,  But claiming "Hug O' War" as my favorite.   Discovered poetry in the second grade,
Miles away apart from grace, I need your love to guide me through; where no fear is ever known. Though seclude, I feel right at home. Late at night, like my overseer  I feel you watching my every move.
Poetic justice which Whispers in my thoughts Soft influence Leads me to my own conclusions No wrong answers Indiscernible meanings Inspirations- Lead me to always have Aspirations-
First I hated Donne But now I can't help but to strive to emulate
How extraordinary is a flame. Born from nothing, it is a million vibrant reds, purples, and blues glowing with gold. It is fuelled by desire, and burns with a passion to create, grow and live.
I dream of aspiring into a successful person, I dream of helping many people with the talent I hold within, I yearn to prove to my fellow companions that change is possible, that we shouldn't be tied down to the same traditional ways, we have the
  Fallen down, broken in the streets   Hopeless eyes filled with pain searching for something to eat   The broken, the abandoned and the abused  
I look in the mirror, but I don’t see my face, I see a lot of things that are pretty                   out of place. I gather my tools and I primp and I fashion, A mask to hide The flaws I imagined. 
She has beads,and they are like mine.
Where do my words begin? My world lives in a pen And when I write, it all comes out And on the paper, my world is sent But what is my writing all about? About my life, my love, my friends
Twenty doves have flown into the graces of an almighty God... Awaiting with open arms he welcomed in twenty innocents to gather upon his sheep...
I love writing poems it allows me to express myself, i can write about foam and make it symbolic for something else Theres much you can do when you have imagination, you can write one too
I am a Horse When I was born my owners saw me "She is a cart horse" they said My mother agreed But, I am not a cart horse.
“Good Morning Children!” “Good Morning m’am” “Today we’ll learn to read and write, Under the pillars And under the trees Lived a man Known as Dee He loved to dance, Read and write
I can’t really tell you much about my heritage. For I do not know anything about it. I can’t say that my ancestors were slaves. For then I would be telling a lie.
All surrounds the topic The topic we see in few Nothing can fell the rush of the experience The imagery, symbolism, description Feeling the mind at a staggering embrace With word nor picture able to describe
I am sick I am tired I’m as bored as can be. My nose is so runny it could win a mile race. My eyes are so watery I’m going to need floodgates. My back is aching
Wings churching, brilliant orange light, the unsettled monarch now leaps into flight. first one beat then two beats, then three and then four, as the king of the butterflies sets out to explore.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Sit in your seats, For you are about to read a great play, Of nothing but deceit: We push the people we don’t understand, We drown in our sorrows, Yet extend our helping hand,
Some strive to be different But I strive to be me. They say that it's easy But, some will never see. They don't know my struggle, they don't know my pain. After years of practice, patience, and pain
Thoughts roll Seasons change Sun rays blind eyes Hearts beat Minds wonder Gone is yesterday
On the outside I'm strong But on the inside I'm in Hell I make subtle cries But no one who notices will help
(poems go here) On the outside I'm strong But on the inside I'm in Hell I make subtle cries But no one who notices will help
Lets talk about Christ he is the way, he is the truth, he is the light all three in one the Holy Spirit, and the Father, and the Son so everybody i hope you listenin' if your not in Christ i know your missin'
A garden of white, bouquets of black and purple. Black and purple flowers that resemble her bruised memories. A garden created of pathways, interconnected, confused, and dizzy. A garden of mazes,
You don't where I come from You don't know what I've been through You don't know how many nights I Stayed up crying for you You just think this is a game But you're the one to realy blame
Two hearts together hath been sworn, But by a father's words so harsh hath been torn. Banished away for an act so just, leaving behind his true love and true lust. Running so fast with blood stained hands,
I know you play for keeps but my God does too. And I can guarantee he is much better than you. He loved me so much he died on a cross. What you bring to the table and what you have done is one in the same; all you offer me is loss.
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