I'm sorry, but do you have a napkin?


It was warm and sunny outside

and the way the brick walls held

that heat inside like a blanket

reminded me of our winters.

The buzzing willow crowd

made me smile 

like when you tapped my nose

with your ring finger.

The hazelnut caramel cream

blends and the wafting scents 

made me sit back a bit more.

The vintage wooden chairs

and the sofas

and the patio set

made me want us again.

And the way you walked in the door

with your leather coat

and clinking keys

smiling because the world was on your side

made me remember.

And the way you brought me my favorite coffee

without even asking

and sat down

with your palm in mine

and exhaled

reminded me.

I have my coffee and my love

and everything is okay. 

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