Two adventure stories in conceit.

Alas I could not read each.

 One was said to hold happy deceit.

 The other holds pain, sorrow, and defeat.

 Both are fairytale, out of reach.




Then I took another look, to judge.

 One hardback book with a tragic end-

 The other book ends with a villain’s trudge.

 Both with maidens that will not budge-

   So to which novel do I bend?




And “I chose both” I’d like to say.

 But there is time for only one.

 I’d have kept one for a changed day-

 But my book decisions always sway and-

 I fear, perhaps I’d never be done.




So with one choice and one, quite, alone-

 My hand hovers over both book.

 I really must confess and oh how shall I atone,

 I chose the book with tragedy clearly shown.

 That’s best for my bitter tastes and so that’s the book I took.


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