Head up


United States
39° 8' 25.8288" N, 84° 28' 20.604" W

Some strive to be different
But I strive to be me.

They say that it's easy
But, some will never see.

They don't know my struggle, they don't know my pain.
After years of practice, patience, and pain

I can only see little gain.

Though all is not lost, my success will soon come.
Just keep God fist and I shall overcome.

I've made many mistakes
And stopped to take few breaks

Still I strive
There are times that I break down and cry,
But my success will prove that I'm blessed.

I woke up this morning to blessing
I wasn't in pain
I wasn't dead

No it wasn't my own bed
But, while I'm blessed I still look ahead.

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