No one knows

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 10:51 -- mariaj


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No one knows the real me.

On the outisde, I smile, I grin, and I greet everyone 

Everyone that has seemed to put me down

I hide behind a smile... I smile as if there was not a single problem in my life.

That is far from the truth.

I would be worthless ...

If I let everyone and everything get me down.

I would be nothing.

No one knows the real me

how hurt I am to grow up without a mother

A mother who gave up.

and a father who says he doesn't want you.

It seems as if the entire world is against me.

In a life where everyone has always told you that

you have to get them before they get you

is not a life I wanted to live.

In a world where greed, deceit and money is the key...

it seems as if there is no room for love and peace.

No one knows the real me. 

The agony and hurt I feel behind my smiling face.

A smiling face that hides the fear of never being loved or guided.

But I manage to not focus on the odds of failing or falling between the cracks.

I treat everyone how I would want to be treated.

No one knows the real me.

Everyone needs love, motivation, and inspiration to get through any hard times.

The hard times that seem to never go away.

The hard times that make you want to break down and cry.

Yet, I pat myself on the back for making it this far 

while still knowing that I have a long way to go.

I pride myself to do the best of my ability even though

I feel like giving up and running away.

Away from everything that has hurt me.

No one knows the real me.

Because as I smile...I think of how much worse it could be.

I still think of how blessed I am to live another day 

even if I struggle to get through it.

No one knows the real me.

A truly hurting but kindred spirit 

A spirit trying to make it on her own despite the hardships.

No one knows the real me.

I truly do not believe violence, vengence, or hate is the answer. 

The answer will come to the light.

If someone hurts you or makes you feel any less than what you are

Dont listen.

Be the best you and you will succeed.

I believe every single person has the will power to not let anything get them down.

No one knew the real me...

I choose to break free and express my opinion.

An opinion that might make a change or might not

but I would never know unless I tried.

Now...everyone knows the real me.









Wow! You are a powerful young lady. I think through your struggles and peseverences, God has made you stronger. Yes people picked on you, but you kept smiling through the pain. Yes your parents abandoned you, but you found love in the Father on High to comfort you through rough days. I like this "you" that you revealed for it gives me the determination to carry on through life's worse tragidies. i like this poem and will forever support a person of God and a person with a rare, kind heart. God bless you and keep writing on my friend:)!!!

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