I am Blessed

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 18:03 -- ctwoods


Blessed is the man that do not walk in the counsel of the unGody,

nor stand in the way of sinners,

With this psalm in my heart I know that I am always a winner.

Though times are troubed,

it is best to give your problems to God and just stay humble.

God has a plan for everybody's life.

He dd not say it would be easy, 

but many people choose to believe the negative hype.

Some do not believe in God's exitence,

but believe in a seemingly "Big Bang" that came out of nowhere.

But this theory goes against all physics since Energy is never created or destroyed.

I am not going to argue about this topic, so enjoy.

But just know that I am blessed.

Not by money, clothes or fashion, 

but for being forgiven of my sinful essence.

I am Blessed         


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