I once had a dream

The earth was paved over

A sea of asphalt

Erasing each mountain and clover

I stood atop

The smooth black plain

Stripped down to my essence

With no need to refrain

I began to dash

Beneath the cloudless sun

Across the blazing earth

In sight of no one

Despite the speed

I ran with utter frivolity

For all I could fathom

Was stationary agility

Don't get me wrong

I ran for miles upon miles

But the scene remained 

Identical all the while

I could've run inches 

From what I could see

Would it change my position

Or what I will be?

Halting my stride

At last!  I knew

I am chained to this sphere

Once entirely blue



Te ending got me!! It tied it all together 


I commend you for finding rhymes and words that are not overused and for not taking the easy way out! Definitely produces a better both of the poems that you have posted. 


Love it!!! I had to read it a few more times.

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