The Teachers teachings v. The Student learning

Wed, 09/18/2013 - 11:08 -- tgeanes

Teachers will teach.

Students will learn.

But, the way teachers teach, is the students concern.

They rely on their education to make them great.

So, their teachers need to start a foundation that the students can create.

The teachers need to consider their learning style.

Are they visual, read-write, kinesthetic, or auditory.

Without this knowledge our brains can wonder for miles.

So, the consideration of the students learning styles should be mandatory.

The students deserve to learn from the best.

That means the teachers have to be the best.

The students need a schedule, a syllabus if you will.

This should be a rule that all teachers fulfill.

Last but not least the teacher needs to make sure the student understands.

With all these problems considered and applied, the ability to be great is put into our hands. 


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