There a poor man and his wife and children at a restaurant
Then a rich family seats two tables from the poor family 
how are you so called better than the other man 
you have the money for pretty much anything you can desire 
but a man can't buy a sense of good character 
you brag while others can only afford bills and things needed to survive
not to check prices but to buy and run free when you on a budget 
you call yourself better because you have the cars,clothes ,and money that can buy you the luxury things in life 
so you see someone who isn't on there level and laugh because you wonder what they could afford on the menu to not realize the happiness they have as a family 
Your bank account can be full but your heart can be empty 
because people around you might not have the things you have so you call yourself BETTER 
I don't think so 
everyone has to start at nothing to reach up and have something 
start off small and become something big 
so how dare you judge 
to see how long better will take you 
the reality that slaps people in the face without expecting to feel that royalty come to a end 
so don't think you except from destruction because open your eyes it can always be you 
how that rich family begin to feel themselves as god give it and will take it away
So how are you better 
when you are in the reflection of a poor man because you though you was better 
now I guess you see 
This poem is about: 
Our world


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