Drawing Inspiration

Drawing Inspiration


Like a glimpse into a dream

I find something in a silver seam

A dust or drop, a ray of light

Fills my heart so full and tight


Afternoon sun, shining through a forest

Cafe run, coffee dark and flourished

On a train, teal with rain

In a car, driving far


Like a vision from a realm

With nothing else but tall elms

A branch, a bird

Songs of summer never heard


Early dawn, gold and fond

Little fawn, not yet old and not yet gone

Across the world, long away 

In a town, small and gray


Like a book, full of sketches

Highlighter and pen, tape and gel

In a bookbag, a soft ,safe shell

Away sits the inspired, from all such things.


Drawn in the moment

From the glimpse into the dream

From the vision from a realm

From the beauty of life itself


This poem is about: 
Our world


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