My Eyes


My teacher

Waves her hands 

Towards the board like my attention 

Should be focused on adjectives and verbs

She placed me next to the smelly kid

And the girl who always makes fun of me

I stare outside

Wishing I could enjoy the sunlight

Her voice rings out, "Ms. Morgan eyes up front."

How badly I wish to say,

Why should I stare at another white board all day?

Why should I listen to you speak mindlessly?

About hipocrisy 

When you my friend are the hypocrite

Telling us we are now "grown ups"

Yet we can't go anywhere with out a pass

You always conclude we are up to nothing good

Thinking that when we laugh its over something bad

Yes, how can you assume I'm a trouble maker, because you had my siblings before

Though we share DNA it doesn't make us the same

So tell me why my eyes should be trained to you?

When you don't even love what you do

Explain to me why daily 

You let my name run rampant in the mouths of others

Yet when I stand up for myself

Like a hunter watching its prey you shoot me down

How come I'm so much different from the rest?

Yes why should you get my eyes?

What will you teach me about individuality?

What will you teach me about love?

Will you explain the meaning to life?

Will you explain acceptance and equality?

If not, then why should you get my eyes?

Because I can see more clearly 

When I'm learning from my own view

When I submit my eyes to you

They become more blurred

More blind to truth

My eyes my only chance

At being able to see through

See through your bull shit

You're a creativity killing epidemic

Yes I wish I could say

That my eyes are mine




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