Flawed to Perfection

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 13:57 -- jwallen


As a human I am flaw

To deny is to lie.

To polish to perfection is the work of the demented

To be something I am not is to abominate my heart


As a human I have flaw

But where there is love there is blindness

That you love my imperfections erases misconceptions

I am nothing; with you I can do all things


As a human I think flaw

When thinking of you, the flaws of one become the flaws of two

In that place there is left no trace

For by the flaws of two, like a phoenix we are birthed anew


From this state of flaw I resolve…

To let my own ways dissolve

And seek with you a new path

The Paths of righteousness

Children of light

Who’s flaws are sealed away, air tight

No return to this mortal cage

Our imperfection taken away

We are not forsaken

This is the choice I am making

I commit myself to this relation…ship

This is my new citizenship

I am your workmanship


As humans we, become perfect

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