Art is Inspiring

Art is Inspiring 

By Ashley Rissmiller 

Art is inspiring! 

Art flows from the creative mind. 

The poet…

The painter… 

The dancer… 

The musician…

The actor…

The dreamer…


The creative juice over-loads my mind. 

Without creativity, where would I be? 

Where would the world be?

Our world without the lightbulb,

Without the past art created to light our minds

Would we be as enlightened?  

As touched by an individual’s contribution?

Where would we be?


Art isn’t just a photograph, or a beautiful sculpture, or a piece of music.

It’s depiction of heartbreak and grace… a scene of humanity. 


It’s helpful to see the good. 

It’s also “good” to see error and mistake.

To be human is to fall down at times… 


We dance in the storm. 

We sing in brokenness. 

We write away the worries. 


We create with the craving to express and soar…

To see what it is that makes us hurt ourselves and each other.


We create to do away with the harmful and to hold on to the things that are brilliant and powerful…


We create to show what we are and to live up to what we can be.


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