Yellow Rose

"I'll be there for you through it all, even if saving you sends me to heaven....."

Guardian angel,

My darling

sweet young and innocent.

Little wings still too delicate to fly

on precarious wind;

long awaits journey low and behold

the wind pushes you east.

Isn't of such the glamorous you've been told....

but still you have to earn your keep in the sky.

Although I shall think

of it being your awakening

and being born again;

it should comfort all those

you left behind abruptly,

not that it was your fault in it's entirety.

To see Yellow Roses that grow among pinks and whites

Your roots dug into me

The first moment our eyes met.


I see Spring through my eyes,

and I see you

peeking among gardens

that grow life,

cheeks of soft petals,

and sweet scent

that lingers although your still gone.

But your favorite yellow rose still will

be pressed into my scrapbook,

my guardian angel,

after being laid

by your casket.



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