You Only Write Once Poetry Slam


In the midst of all madness one thing will stay true

a future,a purpose, for me and for you.

Each person, each problem, so big or so small

will only push you to the point of it all.

A future, a purpose, to each his own road

but cautious one must be, for nothing is owed.

You earn what you receive, you work for your own.

You may even get stuck with a large student loan.

But learning and working are things we must do,

our future, a purpose, for me and for you.

From high school to college, to work and to life,

to marriage, and children, to husband and wife.

Time will fly faster than you ever knew

the future, a purpose, for me and for you.

Grab hold of it gently, and do what you can

make use of this time for whatever you plan.

Always remember the things you must do

make way for the future, for me and for you.


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