In a Pen


United States
29° 56' 0.4596" N, 96° 52' 40.7748" W

Where do my words begin?
My world lives in a pen
And when I write, it all comes out
And on the paper, my world is sent
But what is my writing all about?
About my life, my love, my friends
And people who live inside my head:
all their good and their sins
About battles old in the mountains bold
About my love, for my freedom sold
Yet still is hiding in the wind
About the student's shiver when her test is delivered
And her fear of another F
About failings and fallings in every step
As my father ruins his liver
And as the Indian loads an arrow from his shaking quiver
Now where does this all come to end?
You'll be more baffled to find where it began, my dear
And it was not from the inside of this very pen


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