20 years have now passed 

and It’s hard to believe

That the pain of the loss 

is still there with me

As strong as before 

but with less memory

But no less the desire though

to talk, touch and see


My mum was integral 

as I guess all mums are

But unique in the sense of how far

She would go to show, care for the ones

Who’s families didn’t know 

how to cope, how to grow

So they’d come to our home.


I would often wake up 

to see we’d expanded

mum dressing and feeding them all single handed

Dad would be pastoring churches quite candid 

But mum took the lead with the kids that had landed. 


The children would come for a day or a week

Which would stretch to a month, 

then the family would seek 

an extension and sneak

one more child to the fold

which then led to the spread 

of this family so bold.


The amount short term fostered 

were 50 or more, then 3 kids adopted

and 3 who stayed for

as long as they wanted

until they could leave

they also had us, my two brothers and me.



Unconditional love was bestowed on us all

Mum had arms that extended to big and to small

and never relented to follow the call

of a life that was giving despite of the gaul

of perpetual illness

and unending pain

the effects of arthritis each day and again

she would never show sadness

or ever complain 

as the children came first

and this was her way.


No judgement was given to colour or creed

the focus on loving

whatever the need

giving hope to the helpless

and sowing the seed

of compassion

and healing in action and deed

There are many an adult 

who owe her their lives

she rebuilt, reconditioned, 

refurbished, revived

the most damaged and broken 

the hurt and deprived

the ones who were beaten 

and barely survived

yet my mum built them up

so they flourished and thrived

from the love of a mum 

from the day they arrived


I’m honoured to tell of my mum 

and acquaint her to you and recall

there was never complaint

loving difficult children without a restraint

I know I am biased but my mum was a saint

This poem is about: 
My family


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