You're Mine

Fri, 04/04/2014 - 22:02 -- clh2014

Why is it that you can’t see

Your own beauty?

I wish I had a million words to

Describe you.

What is it that makes you

Quietly doubt my love?

I wish I had a million words to describe it.

But I don’t.

I have so few words.

And they all pale in comparison to you.

How do you describe love that came

So quickly, and so deeply?

What part of the love do you attempt to describe?

The only thing I can think of

Is the way you move against me

While you sleep. And there

Are no words for that.

That utter joy and peace

That comes with the relaxed face of the one

You love with all your heart

And trust with all your soul.

I don’t know everything

She’s said to you in the

Past few months.

But I know what it is that

You believe to be true.

And I hate to break it to you, darling.

But she was wrong.

Everyone who ever said

Something negative

About you was wrong.

So wrong.

Why do I get some

Sick pleasure from the marks

On your skin

That I put there.

They make you mine.

You say that I’m

Not a burden.

Neither are you.

You say that I’m perfect.

So are you.

You say that I’m beautiful.

As are you.

Please believe me, love.

I would do anything

To protect your heart

Because I keep it here

With mine.

While we may be apart

We will never be apart

By the heart and

The soul.

Because, sweetheart,

You’re mine. 


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