A Mother's glance


A beautiful glance mothers have
a look that warms, comforts and calms,
Encourages and embraces you in difficult times.

Mother's wise words
are the ones that advise
and support our complex decisions
no matter what, she will always be by your side.

Mothers have something in their hearts
that make you feel loved,
protected, fearless and assured
you never will be alone.

In a mother's arms
there is a constant hug
waiting for you every time you fail.

The hand of a mom
will guide and hold you enduring your journey
it will lift you if you fall.

A mother
will show you the way,
teaching you a safe path,
making memories,
sharing thoughts and smiles
that will be hard to leave behind.

A mother’s wisdom
comes from above
it can never be broken
nor ever be forgotten.



There are a few grammatical errors in this poem that can be easily fixed if you go back and read it out loud to yourself. It's great dedication piece and certainly beautiful. Thank you for sending this in.


Jacqueline Cook

Thank you very much for the advice I apreciate that! 

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