It Only Takes Three Seconds


Empty. No longer can I feel anything. No fear, no hesitation, no regret. Air rushes through me as I take a few breaths. But wait, what is that strange white light? It is like the sun gliding over the fields, gliding over me. Ha! Now I can smell the nectar of a mango freshly dropped from the tree. Pearls of water slither down my face as I smell the oncoming monsoon. Who is chasing me down! 
Silly me, it was nothing but the neighbors shadow from their kitchen. She was preparing tomorrow's breakfast; something easy, something quick. I wish things were that simple. But wait, I think I hear hard steps outside! Can it be? No, and it will never be so. 
Is that yelling I hear? A shout, a cry, a scream? There's too many people in this city to tell which are shouting at me. A great flash passes my eyes as I turn to look at my hands clasped with his


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