And there it is


Written on the first line


Is that for me?

Is that a false alarm?

Am I needed for diversity?


I patiently waited for my real letter

You know what I am talking about

The one that starts with

“I regret to inform you…”


It is hard

Being a woman

Being a woman of color

Being a woman of color as a Muslim

In a land that claims to be free


Am I worth it here?

Do I have value?


People tell me

That my success got me here because

I deserved it

What do I deserve?

It’s like a small delicate flower that is starting to bloom

But there are other flowers that are so much




Some are yellow

Some are roses

Some smelled pretty

Those are the flowers that are usually picked

Not me


I was small

Stuck in a pot

In the shade

My green leaves are not growing any longer

My once-pink petals are falling off

I never thought I would make it in the sun


But the sun made it to me.


I saw the other flowers

Kissing the sky

I did too

I saw the others

Dancing in the wind

I did too

I saw the others

Happily soaking up the rain

I did too

I was meant to be outside

I was meant to be picked






I stopped waiting for the rejection letter.

Congratulations to me.


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