Looking For An Abundance of Paper Stars


She was a hurricane

a tempest so true

so strong and indestructible

blowing through existence

and soaking everyone

in her way


day by day

more fell wounded

from her rage

but ignorant

to the truth


too big for the small town box she’s locked inside

she wants to matter

she dreamed of gettin’ out

for herself

yet she worries




she was fighting a war within herself

endless heart wrenching vindictive battles

she lost



she’s drowning


she doesn’t care

she’s had enough

of the paper towns

the paper people

the paper lies

sooner or later

the paper will









I wasn't expecting what I got at all! I clicked on your poem because I thought I saw Looking for Alaska, and then I read the real title- not the one I thought I saw- and it seemed like a whole bunch of John Green titles mashed together. I'm actually really happy with the poem that was brought up!

These are references here that I was able to catch but also a twist of the characters- because they are not his, they are yours, and I enjoyed that greatly! My favorite lines would have to be ""she's had enough/of paper towns/the paper people/the paper lies/sooner or later/ the paper will/tear." It so strong and resounding.

Thank you for sharing this,

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