Hope Has Come (Rise)


Fallen down, broken in the streets


Hopeless eyes filled with pain searching for something to eat


The broken, the abandoned and the abused


desperately searching, praying they find some use


When purpose has been stripped away 


How could you find value in everyday


When others see a sun rise, beautiful filled with majesty


All you can see is another busy day, more crowed street


More time wasted on this Earth


Another hopeless day spent down in the filthy dirt




Thats your life now but not the only one you’ve ever known


There was a time, a warmth, a place to call home


Remember that? A place to call you own?




Now those days are gone and all thats left is regret


One more needle, one last bottle, and a chance to forget




But there’s a choice, another road; life, come and see


The way, the truth the life has come for you and me


With love and grace he passes by


Hope anew coming with peace in his eye




Death is has tasted it’s final sting


The grave has no place for you and me


I have to tell you there is hope


More to life now than empty crack and dope




So rise my friends for a new day has come


Rise and for the first time breath in the sun


Rise against the pointless fumes of nonexistent life 


Rise to the dawn, fight with all His might


Rise one last time from this dark and terrible night


Rise to see that in Him you have been found


Rise for the first time to see you face leave the ground


Rise, his name is Jesus and he knows just what to do


Rise because He knows your name, and he has come to rescue you



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