Thoughts Of The Mind

Thoughts roll
Seasons change
Sun rays blind eyes

Hearts beat
Minds wonder
Gone is yesterday

Open arms
Clouded sky
Music blasting loud
Wanting love
Running hard
Believing in your self

Beautiful sunsets
Full moons
Sparks of a first kiss

Soft spoken melodies
Tears streaming
Embracing improbable dreaming

Taking chances
Flying high
Wind whipping past your face

Sweet caress
Peaceful justice
Opportunities yet to take

Living life
Experiencing pain
Is how the circle turns

Days go by
Friends say hi
Lessons your have learned

Shooting stars
Robot cars
Creative fantasies

Moving on
Being strong
All that’s left is me

Smiling big
Moments worth remembering

Secret tales
Ringing bells
Surprised by a wedding ring

Much to say
No words spoken
Hiding your true self

Finding value
Little things
Knowing one’s true worth

State of mind
Mind of matter
What would you do

Childhood days
Word search games
Trying to find a cure

Confusing maze
Not caring or not being sure

On and on
A story goes
Ending to begin

No lost hope
Lovers cope
Values of a friend


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