Inspire To Push

Grew up with only one image in my eyes, "I will never make it". It was even worse soon as I heard that my best friend, my mother was taken. Waking up every day wishing when will this pain of lost for her will end.How soon will GOD let me start over again. Tears has fallen, feelings has been broken. Opened my heart to people who could careless about me just so I can feel important. I've been in bright and dark places. Being lead by lies and fake faces. Taking all the bad that my body and soul could take. It got to the point I was about to break.  

But I started to think, my life has not ended. I still have time to change it. Everyday hasn't been dark. Most days I cry, but not because we are apart. I cry beause I'm happy, I smile so others dont have to  worry.To know that I am not alone because my angel is always beside me.

So the hell with pain that I've felt, I will soon be over it.The hell with who hurt me then, soon karma will come like a hurricane and punish them. So what if I fell, I will brush it off and start over again. I open my eyes and look in the mirror and see strength. Walk with my head held high, with a smile so big. Love myself for me and never let it be another way. Focus on my accomplishments and my future. Have you been through enough in your life to quit?


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