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Void and uninterested  Disgusted and enraged  i wish not to soothe your pain  to be used  for your selfish gain securing your name as you break me down again  
                                                        No loyalty No royalty No unconditional love No clean white dove Life is full of shocks, locks
by Debi Lyn 10/25/21   Twice now you've called me sweetheart. I've no idea why. I'm not your sweetheart; you don't love me – that just makes me cry.
I'll save you the trouble its already broken  no need for sweet nothings just leave them unspoken no fantasy romance theyre so over rated and dont ask for my soul its already traded
One day the truth will come out One day they'll know who you are One day you won't be able to hide anymore One day the curtains will move and the spotlight will shine directly at your face
Why is it people idolize famous people like they are gods? What is this fascination we have as beings we tend to be ignorant in the ways of how people really are?
Why is it people idolize famous people like they are gods? What is this fascination we have as beings we tend to be ignorant in the ways of how people really are?
feelings, take an ax to my head  bullet to my heart  knife to my back   how it is, if you going to say something, Say it if your going to do something, Do it
  I said 'No' that evening. I told you not to do that. Not to touch my breasts. But you didn't listen that night, did you? You asked me to 'calm down'. You told me everyone did it anyway,
Turns out you never loved me After all this time So I guess it's back to being lonely That's okay... I don't mind
I put on my best brave face As I try to hide That I am breaking inside   People wouldn’t understand What I’m going through Will I ever not feel blue?   Appearing to be strong
  She has a smile even the stars can’t outshine But if you look in her eyes, she’s breaking inside She walk around with confidence, her chin always up
“Just A Game” By SnøwySøul  11/6/19   Is it alright if I ask
Fake or True ... ??? Which One Are You ... ? Are You Simply A FAKE ... Who's Just On The Make ... ? Or ... Are You EVEN WORSE ... ? A Snake On The Make ... !?!
Everyday I wake up reluctant to get out of bed Discouraged by the thought that today will hold nothing but more pain and heartache I close my eyes against the familiar pangs of anxiety
Snakes are all around me. And, it becomes harder to know who to trust. I want a friend, but are you just using me? You say you'll change for me and you are.
I look in the mirror Reflecting back I don't like what I see Group of girls besides me Looking pretty Why can't that be me?  They try to reassure me I see the lies through their teeth 
Spews out the maw bare n paws size of a bear yes, him Donald Trump with maniacal glare gussied up as inane name calling offensive   analogous to an overstuffed ego freezing cold stare
I can feel the pain sucking marrow from my bone leaving a blinding headache behind wishing for the pain to stop Yearning for the ache to fade Hoping for a moment of bliss To come and wrap me in a hug
All those eyes andstories told,impressions made oflives that we live. By low lights and candle flames,we intend to show some interest.
Best friends forever? More like best friends for never Every word you ever said to me was a straight lie. You played with my head and I just gotta ask "why?" Your selfish ways will never be forgotten
It is too easy to make affliction handsomeWhen it's lined with rhyme Traced by thin fingersThe numb glow of a dawn window.White drapes on skin and glassDark eyes torn with pain madeBeautiful
“I’m alone and I don’t even care anymore.” Is what I have convinced myself.   When can I stop pretending?
“They lied to me!” She screams to herself.   They promised! That they would be there for her.
A mask is what we wear. It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes. On the mask is a smile. Forced. Real. Unsure. Scared. Alone. Broken.
Why am I chained down by my suffering and misery? Please, can someone set me free?   Can you send me to my eternal resting place? To be free from my suffering.
I am lifeless. A heart without a beat. A body without a soul. A face without a smile. Ripped of my innocence and left with the empty shell of who I used to be.
“It’s okay.”   I can still feel it. The way your lips touched mine. Without meaning. Without feelings. I missed them.
This is NOT me! This is NOT who I am! This is NOT who I want to be!  
How far down does my deepness go? Does it only extend to the end of my clothes? Is it the shoes that I wear? Or the car that I drive? Do I appreciate the gift of simply being alive?
how come no one knows the way you are inside  except for him and those 
I write to you on this tragic day, To tell you how you have been betrayed. This love is fake, It was never real. What you felt, Was just a deal. You entertain me, And I make you feel.  
I paint my face so they cant see I paint my face to hide from you and me my heart breaks my face is fake my eyes are dry my hands shake 
We look to find just who we are inside Forever looking to find where we fit Having constant fear of being denied In the process some people just lose it Everywhere we attempt to interact
Concrete jungles and, Life without struggles Hunting for cuisine with, Sharpened green Traveling rolling canoes on, Dark gray routes
My ears bleed from the tales of your insecurities Why am I being cursed for the patience of my maturity? You seem to have tied your tongue in annoyance Every word you spit a spoon full of poison,
To some A friendly gathering Is but A show In which they can dress up In masks and costumes To share those lines  
Love is a very powerful word, But today we toss it around carelessly because the lines are blurred, Don’t tell me you love me when you don’t even know my middle name,
I feel alone in this loud room chaos is all around me  and it will drag me to my doom I just want to be free they are so so happy, smiling  while I lay there dying I've given up on it all
Today I saw the grass shake.   It was cold outside. But so was I.   I was only shaking on the inside though. I kept a cold exterior That’s what made me strong... …right?  
You said you love me but you couldn't find my eyes You said I'm the one but didn't know there was others  You said you cared about me but my feelings didn't matter You said I was different but I guess you didn't see
There's a smile on your face But I know that you're in pain Your silent tears leave no trace But things just aren't quite the same, and   There's no reason for you to hide
When I used to sleep at nightMy mind would always take flightIn the morning I'd wake up and you'd just take flight I can't stand to in my sightYea ain't nothin rightAbout you and me Us and theyHe and she ain't shit  All I want to do is loveWhy can
You said goodbye. I said wait why? When i needed you the most That's when you bounce the most. All I ever wanted was to talk. All you ever wanted was to walk. Walk in front of me. Walk behind me.
Go ahead and talk you shit see if I will care all dem bitches spreadin shit that isn't even real bitch, whore, fake as fuck! you say I'm the slut?? "I sleep around" and "I'm fucking guys"
I used to sleep with Gum in my mouth It could actually kill Instead of keep you clean   But to clense myself I Was baptized Until I felt drowned.   Now I sleep with a toothpick
How long will it take you to realize you are fake? Don't you see, people are leaving you alone, doesn't your heart ache? I thought we were friends, but you are just a nasty snake.
No jobs , No will What can be done More school less money it’s all gone This great country is dieing ,oh and all for what They say be patient, they say its better
Who are you? Who am I? Does anyone really know? Who are you to tell me what I should say or what I should show?  
September 19. A friendship began. October 31. An unbreakable clan. December 25. Gift exchanges and cheers February 14. A new atmosphere. March 18. Eyes on the prize. April 20. Not so wise.
In this house, we eat supper as a family, no elbows on the table, But remember, keep your emotions neutral, that way you won’t be called mentally unstable,
Your name tastes sour now when I say it, And yes I fell in love, I have no shame to admit, I loved the things you said to me, you always called me amazing,
At first I thought you were diamond embedded And then I saw how imperfectly you were created You willow crying like you lost perfection And some of us see your little perfect complexions
Why is it that our Bibles are covered with highlights, notes, and dust, but our minds are filled hatred, lies, and lust?   How is it that the churches are full on Sundays, but no one wants to pray on Monday?
In this world, there are numerous paths to take. Some involve truth, while others are all about being fake. The hardest to walk is that which involves Faith.  But you've got nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain.
Have you ever wondered If anybody's heart would tear Draw your last breath but would they even care   Or would they shed a few tears for show
All my life I wished to be special. I've never been quite sure why and perhaps I never will but I always dreamed of being unique.
There are a few things you should know, About me and my life, And what I've learned to not show. You don't know what I feel, I keep it well hidden, But maybe I shouldn't,
Stop pretending you are so nice, Hidden in the world like dirty mice. Faking a sugary smile with a honey voice, Taking a knife to your victims of choice. You are weak because you can't keep quiet,
Fake smiles, fale people, All that surrounds me. Walking past the windows Gives us a glimpse of what we are missing.   The people outside look joyous. Free to leave! Free to live!
When the sun disappears, As do the smiles and laughs. The image of the people we know,  Replaced by their melancholy twin. As night settles in, painting the sky black, Little glimmers of stars dot  the void.
I see these plastic people, Barbie dolls. With their dream houses and expensive cars. And their plastic friends, at their plastic malls. Getting “white-girl wasted” at plastic bars.
Come with me my darling, and take my hand.
The stirring of shadows  The waking of dreams A last stand in battle  No one hears you scream But you made it through  Which is worse to you  Pretending to be okay
It consumes all my thoughtsTakes over my bodily functionsIt's overpoweringRuling with society's corruptionsThe darkness devouring
I am purplexuated Simply by the untrue realities Perplexed at how casually we say the phrase "how are you?" And how often we say "I'm fine."
"Yes your majesty You claim  But it turned to trajedy  Not fame The core left me Am i to blame? what's it bring me? Nothing but shame But when i called out Nobody came
"Small little house Is it home? i don't know Small little barn With the pony In the yard Small little girl With her hair  So loose and free Small girl's family
"Small dreams fade fast But that's okay 'Cause it was never meant To go that way Even those who smile  Got one foot in the grave But you couldn't see That the happiness was fake But still
"Footsteps through the fire But I don't feel a thing  Burning even brighter I sour on angel wings Down in a ditch I can see the light If I could only reach I try with all my might
  Someone once said to me that I  fake it to make it. At first most would deny it, everyone hates fake people right?   Look around that girls smile?
The shadow of love isn't just found in dark spaces. It's found in a sea of familiar faces who stretch out their arms for a quick slap of the hand
I, we all wear masks A layer of fakeness to supress the emotion of our true selves We wear these smiles everyday, hoping no one sees through us
See a kid from high school like all the rest he just wanted to be cool.  Wanted to be the best. He Smoked what they spoke, and drank what they wrote, 
I'm a liar. I'm a fake. I plant a kiss on his lips, A smile on my face. I don't care. I play hard. Rumors spread Cut like glass shards.   I'm a liar. I'm a fake.
To struggle here in this colorless world,
What color is perfection? That elusive transcendence from reality That which demands unnecessary change I see you, and you are transparent.   I am flesh and bone I bleed when I am cut open
you began to undress me and as each button of my blouse becomes undone a sliver of some imperfection slips past my possessions that once possessed me settle in a pool around my ankles
Words lose their meaning throughlies and deception.They begin as mere plain text with a definition to follow,but soon are tossed around in a batter ofgenerously margined synonyms and false connotations.
Long flowing hair Newly straightened teeth Swimsuit body and a heart that's free. Flawless is ambiguious Left to perspective If you ask me we are all flawless. Knowing right and wrong
Don't twist your words as for me to not understand. I am young but I am not dumb. I can see you from your ins to your outs as you tongue tie your words. Don't waste your time, I see right through you.
Red locks of fire Framing my expression Eyes of changing colors  From under the earth to the green above Legs of a gazelle  Nose of a boar Wide grin and sparkling teeth Pristine and perfect
Keandre Melton That's me Came from a family of struggles and hardwork That's me Watching my mom struggle because she lost her job That's me
Physically, I'm distressed, but I impress by dressing my best. Emotionally, I'm a wreck, gotta stay in check to earn respect. Mentally, I'm cascaded by the replays of the days that have faded.
OMG- there he is- Fix your hair, don't breathe in. If you do, he’ll think you're fat, And you totes don't want him thinking that.  
How are we supposed to move beyond yesterdayWhen we are not confident in tomorrow?How can one moment you be so sure...and the next time feel borrowed?How can all the joy we found, be remembered now as sorrowed?How can time go on long enough for...
Painted smile, feeling vileregretting the time gone
Where do I start? Why does depression happen? What reason do people have to be depressed? They see figures in the distance,  and try to reach out. It takes hold of their hand, 
I’ve seen society fall apart.
So you found out Well, how do you feel? Me? I feel vulnerable Anxious Confused Judged Hurt Angry Destroyed This was a side of me that you weren't ready for
Took me a while to wake up looking this good My life had rocks and boulders  They have only helped me to wake up like this Now look at me   
Sometimes I don't think I'm getting to you anymore, usually when I can see the words going in one ear and out the other and back down to the floor where they probably belonged to begin with.
Fat        Ugly
i  am fooled by people,  society it tells me i can do great things without a  warning that what you see on T.V  is not reality but fantasy   I AM ..... C.S
Snapshots of a life well-spent Moments of Greatness frozen into eternal silence Laughter, scowls, and faux-pensive looks On half hidden faces Topped off with the stolen words from
You see her walking down the halls Her skirts are too short She boobs are too big And she looks like a life size Barbie Doll
Its there It always has been It has been there for years It has infected many It lives there Do you see it Do you hear it It's in me It speaks my name It hunts for the weakness
My mind is a candle  Inside a whirlwind of thought I have bright insights But there clouded in darkness I try to be happy But can't see the light    I try to keep my candle lit
Nevermore. Indestructible. Incredible. Nevermore. Volnerable. Incapable. Indescribable. Nevermore. painful. saddened. unneeded. nevermore. Confused.
Head highUnless it’s coldBack straightAssured strides   Blue hairLoud voiceSmiles sprinkledAll the way   Real lifeDepressionAnxietyJoint pain  
These times are clouded by impenetrable facades; Captivated by the immaculate charades. Foreseen by those that are watching in awe, As they stand only to be cursed and decay.  
My face is not my canvas I can contour I can paint I can outline I can manipulate I Cannot tell a story I Cannot move others emotionally I Cannot be studied   My real canvas
My sister, the young, little, skinny bundle of innocence. When i think of her, i think of all the things that i wish to be. All the things i wish i could have been.
Authenticity The orgin of all truth The face of deceit
Her love is fake 
Five rows down from the very front of the church,
I could wipe off 90% of that so called beauty with a kleenex... I see that your outershell is gorgeous Underneath that.. It's pure ugly No. Not your face. Your insides. Your guts. your soul.
I hate these ballet shoes Everyday marks another bruise And as I dance with the pain, my brain is in flames, going insane   Working double time over what should be considered a war-crime
You say you’re religious
 Its monday morning, pull on the mask of mourning the perma-glue to hold it tight, the mask'll never fit just right it stains my hands, my hair, my face popularity is just a social race
TeethI'm laughing on the outside,
Happines where is it?  I sit & wonder will I ever get it? My fake happines is fading each day No one can tho its just me I can only keep this act up for long
Behind my mask I hide far from eveythig just out of judgement's reach just out of presure's sight jus out of pain's grasp just out of stress's glimps Behid my mask I hide keeping hiddden
Round 1: You ask your parents how they feel about gay people "trash" "freaks" "sinners"
How do you deal with harbored emotions you can't let them hinder you from your devotions all your materials and fancy clothes can't hide your true color as bright as it shows
You don't know meI'm not the person you think I am
I envy those that shine in the light, Those who aren't afraid to fight for who they are. For every time I think it's time, For every time I say that this moment, this one is surely mine,
See the smile,  she presents so sweetly to the world. The gleaming of her happiness an etched mask to those strangers. No one can tell the wounds she bears beneath her covered skin,
I am a stranger in my own life I don't understand my friends nor do they understand me they may think they do they may think that  my laugh is genuine they may think that
You may think I'm perfect without a scar imperfection or fear.  
I stroll down the streets of my town, through the hallways of my school, through the rooms of my house, And what do people see?
My smile will not fade away; No, not until my dying day. I must stay strong For those who do not care.   My heart is surely breaking, A wineglass dropped on the ground Without a second thought.
You always say “fake it ‘till you make it” i wish i didn’t have to fake it i work every day to please others
She wore the clothes. Had the body. Had the hair. Had the boyfriend. Had the friends . Had the house . Had the car. Had the fame.   But she was Barbie in every aspect of the word
I Am Not Who I Am. By: Reid Davis The day is full of masked faces and fake smiles Being decepted for miles and miles But when the light dissapears And we're safe in our beds
It can be hard to stop and think about the man behind the curtain.the one thats truly hurtingThe one thats not deservingYou can never be confident with the one behind the curtain.
what am i doing with you i know you cant hear me saying this and i know you never will but i cant tell the landscape from a back drop at the moment the lines between reality and my mind are blurring
Hey, my name is T-Rek Ya I ain't a reject, it's all about respect Arab, don't hate, reflect   
You cannot see the beguiling manner of those people You, an amiable person Them, a people of many faces You run past the boisterous crowds Only aiming to please Behind the false perfection,
I sing of manipulation of old friends, for the replacment of new acquaintances. When you're taken for granted, when you're friendship has become a chore, a burden even.
Fight onwards my son! Take the chance I never had! Grasp you fate with both hands May honor resound with your name. To me ears, the mantra rings on But am I truly worthy for the crown?  
it's early.  my phone buzzes numbers at me and my mouth says, "get up get up get up," while my mind says stay here stay here stay here.
Friends meaning of friend has it changed over time has it lost its value look at your friends are they what you would call a friend the old english meaning is to love
We were not born fake  Our cries were real  So real like that pain we feel the purity of our souls were turned inside out dried right up like a bad droubt  who are we trying to impress?
There are lions in jungles that roar with pride. There are snakes in the grass, they're sly, they hide. There are sheep led by pastors, so fluffy and round. The wolves are just hungry, they wander around.
Just like any other, I have secrets beneath my smilesA story untold that'll catch many by surprise
Show off, Boast, Skyte To my delight these dont come with fright You see these rappers thats say look at me I can make words ryhme that can cause/ commit crime But when you take them out of the limelight 
When I look at their faces, Drenched in perfection, When I flip the pages, I look into their eyes, like they're masked in disguise, they look so ideal, This cannot be real,
Left in world, Where everyone hides, Behind a false face, Generality resides.
People are trying to be the next big thing, trying to out do the each other like we are in a race, conforming to what we think the world wants,
Listen to my story About a poison glory A broken mind One of a kind Lonely on a venture A dirty misadventure Unknowingly walking Away from all the flocking He walked his empty path
Here I write my vindicationFor my rightful dedicationWhile through holy elevationMy mindset moves to idolizationWhile in sweet elationTo a land of implication
Our hearts through eyes are revealed
Begin the dance. Lock the door. Put on the mask.   Shape the curls. Brush on the paint. Plaster the smile.   Look in the mirror. Look away. Begin the dance.  
We are all born with a name.
Wanting to cry but having no tears Wantint to scream but pride's held to dear   This strenght is found in hard-hearted men Who hide it inside and don't show the truth
a stage, one lovely place, act to your heart's content and there below crowds of people all await your very act.in life the truth scares me but
Like how only the sky can feel the lightning, thunder and rain only i know the feeling of empty loneliness the true distance between me and happiness only i can fake the smile and hide the tears
There are times you're so simply Unapologetically you! Killer times, when jaws drop
1,000 miles away from eachother, you told me I was perfect. You told me I was everything you wanted. And you even told me you loved me! Yet, you were always flirting with other girls.
Today I'll wear my happy mask, because I'm feeling sad And I've worn out my tired mask, from the weeks that I've been mad At my friend who wears his loving mask, when he looks at her,
Fat Girl in the buffet line,Fills half of her plat
Talking crap over the computer screen, well that is not my scene. If you want to cyber bully, say it to my face. If not, give me my space. I don't know why you are talking about me, a big bully is all you will ever be.
Malina Rorn, also known as Lina, 21, of Lemoore, California, died on the night of her birthday on March 28, 2017 as a result of driving drunk in Los Angeles, California after celebrating her birthday involving wild friends inside her car with her
Do I look hot? Doesn’t matter, I’m Late Shit, I forgot To watch my weight   I tried my best I got a 58 I failed that test So I guess I just ate   Don’t think about it
"Are you happy?" my therapist asks me. "I do not know." I reply. Because in the midst of all the partying and hanging with my friends,  I still feel alone.
  She speaks in similes. Using her devil tongue. The way she utters A complexity of evil words Constructed to fit perfectly Into the shape of a heart that beats directly into her palm.  
Subconsciously I feel like I'm being wrapped in my own blanket, being protected by my own mind. Something about the darkness of a room gives me chills, I love not knowing what's on the other side.
The mask I wear. The whispered dreams at night. The long scars and small tears. The shadow hidden and out of sight. What I am on the outside, middle, inside, Which one is real, which do I hide?
Social society deems me imperfect – just another product went defective I try to ignore the pressure but the cover of the magazine holds me captive Yet here we are in our Photoshop world with our newly made disguise
Lost inside something That doesn’t exist, Huddled in the corner, Hiding my face. Broken to pieces, Glued back together.’ Stolen from my mind, That piece that’s missing
Just waking up on a summer day Maybe it's noon or later okay You stretch for your phone just to see Message Received "Hey it's me(:" Groaning and complaining you reply 
My private thoughts are my worst enemy Things that shouldn’t roam my mind, do. Eventually it becomes too much So I open my mouth And when I do, all my thoughts flow out
I thought you were the victim Crying behind the hands that shielded your eyes Wondering exactly why I gave into your lies Trust Something we were supposed to have
Society will make you believe That you must be something to succeed Be smart Do art Catch a shark Get high marks   Society puts pressure on you To create perfection too
Why you? The one i adore. Why you? The one with a high score. Why you? Who seem so real. Why you? The one whos skin always peel. Why you? Who makes my blood boil. Why you? Who's mind is soiled. Why you? Who sweeps my mind. Why you?
I will never be the same. never be okay, but I’ll keep walking. left foot right foot   left foot right foot left foot
The immature habits make a grown girl cry, Half a smile covering a shameful lie, Eager deception like those of the black pearl curse,
I see demons on the ceilings- They crawl down the steps and up the pew to preach- I see sheep in the pasture- and if he tells them to jump they will fly from the rock and kiss the ocean-
Smile. Laugh. Nod. Impersonate a goddess. Your smile is fake. Your laugh is fake. Everything is fake, fake, fake. You’re not happy. You settled for less.
Nautical graves and practical poets, Woman's condition and cultural woe. Heaving sensations accompany the telly. What's worse than these? The end of the show.
I'll start walkin' your way, You start walkin' mine. Best friends forever, No matter how far away. We'll find the means To stay that way. I'll start walkin' your way, You start walkin' mine.
We live in a world of illusions. We trust falsified freedom. We feel spurious safety. We believe fictitious truths. We are stupid and wise. We are gullible and untrusting. We are saints and we are devils.
As I present myself to you As I walk away askew May I ask some questions too? To make these vivid flames anew?
You open your mouth But you don’t say a word Man, you gotta think what you say and what is heard People around you got you pulled up in strings You can’t even show the slightest hurt no more
quite {doesn't} mean(s) crazy crazy {doesn't} mean(s) distance distance {doesn't} mean(s) make believe make believe {doesn't} mean(s) fake fake {doesn't} mean(s) makeup makeup {doesn't} mean(s) sexy
Some tears say I’m sorry Some beg please look at me. Some tears ask just hold me. Some tears say leave me please. Some tears say help me… when I feel alone.
With lips painted so perfectly, And eyes as hollow as a rotten tree She haunts my dreams, killing me Who is this woman Whose hatred for me burn brighter than the hottest flames on the surface of the sun
My heart has been used. Torn, Hurt, and confused. But yet, I stood for you love. When you caused me pain, And my anger I blamed, You were all that I thought of.
I hide from you all. My true self, I cannot recall. You see what you want to see. I display a fake identity.
I felt myself drifting flying soaring All eyes on me, my mask adhered, my smile plastered, on plastic face. What’s this feeling?
You think you're so sweet Calling me sugary pet names Like Babe, or Honey. Covering up Condescending, Sugar-Coated words Feeding me sprinkle-topped bull shit. You substitute words
You said it, therefore it must be true. Yes, every word you speak is law. Why should anyone have room to doubt you? You, who beleives everything the bias media tells you.
Today we can live Yesterday we've survived Tomorrow will never cry The days of our lives We can do whatever. Till one of us die Then we all Cry
In the daylight, she puts her makeup on She walks out into the world with a smile on her face She wants everybody to believe that she’s okay She wants the world to think the best
What is comparable to inevitable?? If the lyrics don't intertwine, then the meaning is forgotten. How do we proceed to the next level when we keep falling? The stairs are right before us but the world is calling,..
I look in the mirror I hate what I see The person I’m looking at Can surely not be me? When did I become this? I’ve lost track of time My lips are painted red Those eyes can’t be mine
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