Wed, 10/25/2017 - 15:45 -- tay3479

Today I saw the grass shake.


It was cold outside.

But so was I.


I was only shaking on the inside though.

I kept a cold exterior

That’s what made me strong...



But on the inside, I was breaking,

shaking, faking

…faking my strength,

faking my courage, and confidence... 


People would see me like the air against the grass,

So strong that I can move everyone around me

..But inside...I was the grass.

I couldn’t stand tall for too long


But no one would ever see me break 

.. Because I was cold

…too cold for someone to love me

…too confident to listen to anyone else

…too strong to let anyone tell me “no”


I never fell for anyone...

Or, at least...

No one has been there to know

Because I only shake on the inside

Maybe it’s time to grow...

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