I'd said no


I said 'No' that evening.

I told you not to do that.

Not to touch my breasts.

But you didn't listen that night, did you?

You asked me to 'calm down'.

You told me everyone did it anyway,

After being together for three or four months.

It was okay, you said.

I wasn't OK.

IT wasn't OK.

But you wouldn't listen.

You went on.

Your hands didn't stop.

They kneaded my breasts.

They bit on my lips.

I fought.

You remember that?

I fought.

I pushed you.

I said you were wrong.

IT was wrong.

Not right now, I said.

Not at this age, never, I said.

You stood up.

You said, its okay.

Everyone does it, you let me know.

You came closer.

I saw you again

I saw the guy I had fallen for again.

You came close.


You hit me.

You said you loved me.

And you hit me.

You said you cared for me.

And you hit me.

You said you protected me.

And you hit me.


You demanded I give you what you ask for.

I shouted no.

You came closer.

I shouted no.

You pushed me up against a wall.

I shouted no.

You put your hands under my sweater.

I shouted no.


You didn't listen.

You suckled at my breasts.

You nipped my collarbone.

You bit at the junction of my neck.

You kept going on.


I pushed you.

You went off balance.

You fell down.

I saw blood on your forehead.


I ran.


I said 'no' that evening

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