Girl, You Plastic


You see her walking down the halls

Her skirts are too short

She boobs are too big

And she looks like a life size

Barbie Doll


She looks like food is unknown to her

Like she’s a plant

Only lives on sun, water and air


She’s the girl who wants to be

A Kardashin

Dreams of her nudes being seen

In magazines



We see her plastic side

The side she has fixed

With Botox

Plastic Surgery


How were we to know

She was the 3%

Of girls who become anorexia

How were we to know

She was one of the girls

That hated her body

Because of mean words

Spread throughout the media


Saying that you shouldn’t be fat

Don’t be skinny

Don’t be ugly

Don’t be fake

Don’t be yourself

Don’t eat that cupcake

Don’t eat carrot

Don’t be…


But here she comes down the hall

And that girl

She is plastic



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