Took me a while to wake up looking this good
My life had rocks and boulders 
They have only helped me to wake up like this
Now look at me 
The kindness I have toward others, Flawless
My personality and love, Flawless
My confidence, Flawless 
Inside, Flawless
Outside, Flawless 
I offer a flawless smile to everyone who walks by
They return it
Through pursed lips curved up at the corners
Kindness drips out and then radiates
Infecting them like an epidemic 
Sweet as peanut butter
My confidence sneaks through the teeth of my smile
It laughs and throws my hair over my shoulder
It loves to come out even on a bad hair day
It puts sass in my strut 
Love seeps out of me for all walks of life
People around me are kissed by my love
Animals at the shelter get my love as well
They steel my heart with their doe eyes
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