Which road should I choose?

In this world, there are numerous paths to take.

Some involve truth, while others are all about being fake.

The hardest to walk is that which involves Faith. 

But you've got nothing to lose, and a whole lot to gain.

I once chose the wide path.

I followed others onto it and got lost trying to find my way back.

I heard a voice call out to me and say, Here I am, your not lost anymore,

I've given you the way. 

That path wasn't easy I left everything I knew behind.

I grew slowly but gradually and realized I was no longer blind.

The sad thing is that hard walk became tiring. 

I felt myself getting confused, distracted, my thoughts began backfiring.

I faced south, searching for north, just because I knew north was a long hard road to trek.

And now I stand facing west, watching this sunset. 

In my heart I know which way to go...but my mind and my soul and my desires are trying me.

Calling my name louder and louder as the time grows shorter, but I've still got some fight in me. 

Which way should I go...this I know this I know. 

Either way I BELIEVE God's grace is enough for me. God's grace is enough for me.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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