Porcelain Doll, Glass Heart


OMG- there he is-

Fix your hair, don't breathe in.

If you do, he’ll think you're fat,

And you totes don't want him thinking that.


Perfect, Flawless. A saint and yet lawless.

Slim and curvy; all these things you'll have to be

If you even want to chance, want a second glance,

 Want him to notice you- it's just so simple,

Just don't be you.


Oh no- don't look now-

But he's coming here, coming now.

But he skipped you, walked right past you.

That wasn't what he was supposed to do!

and now, why is he over there with that girl- and ugh! Her hair!

Her nails are bitten, her sleeve is chewed-

And her naked face, it looks so crude.

What’s she got that you don't have-

Did she seriously just make him laugh?


She’s not flawless, she's not lawless.

Her body’s in a shape a mannequin would never be.

She’s so far from perfect, but she's the one with the chance.

This isn't happening, it couldn't be true.

That ugly girl, she's one-up-ing you.


Mirror her actions, be who she is.

Do what she does and say what she says.

If he doesn’t like a porcelain doll with a frail glass heart,

Make him admire your mirror, or else fall apart.

But this girl, she’s so kind.

Her clothes and her money, she gives them no mind.

She gives to the needy, gives to the poor.

Why, even for you she holds open the door.

This girl actually believes all that sap-

“It’s the inside that counts!”  - What a load of crap.


They think she’s perfect, Think she’s flawless.

Nobody seems to care the shape of her body.

Even when people hate her she still gives them another chance.

Maybe the sappy stuff she says is true-

But it can’t- can never be true of you.


Finally you ask, her face is gleaming-

You ask why at the smallest things she’s always beaming.

She laughs- you knew it, the question was stupid.

Who is she to help you play cupid.

But when she’s done, she looks you in the eye.

Her honesty, it almost makes you cry.

She says make others happy, and you’ll be happy, too.

Stop worrying what others see and let them see you.


Perfect, Flawless. She makes you a promise

That nobody’ll buy it if you try and be a beauty queen.

She says even if you don’t believe it, give it a chance.

This is happening, it’s really true;

You're taking tips from the girl that’s better than you.


So you play along, try to be nice.

You can’t believe it, you’re taking her advice.

But after a while, you start to not mind.

It was kind of fun, actually, this being kind.

After a while, you seem to forget-

There was a boy you were trying to get.


Perfect, Flawless. You start to believe the promise.

It doesn’t matter, your makeup, your shape.

Before you fake it, give yourself a chance.

If only you be you, to yourself be true,

Only then can you be flawless.

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So incredibly relatable! Perfect.


I completely agree! I could imagine every scene of this poem it was so beautifully crafted <3


Loved it


I love this.


Killed it. So well done.


Wow. I'm breathless right now, crying because your words are so powerful. Even disregarding your rhyme and your rhythm, your poetry is a language that not many people speak. This isn't only authentic, it is raw, and beautiful, and true, and it's heartbreaking and awe-ensuing. Please keep enlightening others with your magic soul. 

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