Behind That Mask


See the smile, 

she presents so sweetly to the world.

The gleaming of her happiness

an etched mask to those strangers.

No one can tell

the wounds she bears

beneath her covered skin,

the scars that bleed deep

within her heart;

images that flash before her eyes

when they raise their voices

and shake their fists.

No, they just see

the doll she so perfectly sculptured;

her smile is plastic,

her eyes so glassy.

She's a transparent ghost,

But their blind eyes don't see.

She can't tell no one

about these demons,

the ones that drown her

in her nightmares and sorrow.

They'll mark her as a disease

and cut her from their lives.

And she'll be alone

yet again.

All she can do 

is smile


michael jenkins

straight outta dade wit dem killers be at and im on da block smokin on a green sack my brotha doing time and my uncle tec-9 all i kno is hustle yea bitch im on da grind so why u sweatin cause a nigga got bread i took ha to da bedroom and she gave me head i dont give a fuck im gettin milwaukee bucks straight baller status nigga and im shootin straight triggers i got plenty ammo got clips like rambo no motherfuckin joke dog cause im to piss i aint gone neva stop hustlin until i get rich so fuck how u feel cause i been threw pain left a nigga outside in a storm in da rain so fuck da world dog cause everybody hatin call me tony hawk bitch yea a nigga straight skatin and i dont give a fuck man im at the traphouse and im servin hard and weed i got wateva u need da police wanna throw a nigga in a dam cell i been lock up and that shit straight hell nigga no lie man im way to fly and im shittin on dem niggas like a bird in da sky ima make yo bitch ass moma fuckin eyes cry im a straight go getta bitch u know i need cash i rather be on tha otherside of tha greengrass so dont ask for shit hoe give yo ass a long pole cause in da winterseason outside it be straight cold until then nigga ima keep chasin cash and all u fuckboyz u can kiss a nigga ass

michael jenkins

she callin my phone cause i wanna shine rydin on chrome da wheels go round and round she wears make up she looks like a clown circus flow she stealin da wealth she hates me im burnin my health a pack of newports to ease da pain i just want da paper u can have da fame im just me im a good fellow and her body wet im a need an umbrella she real pretty like a rose plant but see it has thorns did u know that better late then neva i call ha jerry all she want is da chedder no lie cause she built like that she swim in blood with a vampire neck trying to take my treasure on some pirate shit man i love me some honey but dem beez a still stick im trap in da jungle im ready to rumble and im da quarterback so i cant even fumble i wanna win in this life of sin and she spoke to da serpent when i was just chillin flesh of my flesh i gave u my ribs why u wanna fuss and fight in da crib put me to sleep adam ask for that but she betrayed him anyway what kind of shit is that history tell it all now jesus put a curse on da land and times grew harder and difficult for man but its all love cause see i was lonely can u pick da apple off da tree im kinda hungry i love plants da green ones my favorite when i taste it in a rello i feel amazin maryjane my girl she can make my eyes red and my head swirl she aint that bad but she give me da munchies and if i give ha everythang im a look like a dumbmie man i enjoy this shit and babygirl so fine i gotta big hard dick and still i rise with damage petals and i can see real clear even threw brace=metals damage rose grew threw concrete it wasnt perfect but it was still pretty to me thats what i saw in da garden of love and that rose was still there with wings fly like a dove

michael jenkins

countin money nigga like every fuckin single day and i fuck with real niggas all my niggas gettin paid pushin all kinda cars and i got a chevy bra sippin on that lean and dirty and i got it in my cup im a made nigga im the boss bitch i got toilet paper so i aint flushin shit she wanna see the crib she say she love my style but at the same time dog this hoe wild im hard in the paint call me tim duncan and my trap do numbers man my shit bunkin call me uncle sam dog i need mine and im taxin niggas im on the money grind so fuck what u heard and fuck what u thank my money real long i got my own bank money out the ass im gettin paid fast yo money super small my shit tall like grass now why u wanna hate bread like bill gates and yo hoe wanna fuck me so we had cake and belly full like im santa claus man i gotta win i can;t afford a loss so i keep going and im energize and that pussy so wet im feelin baptize dont get yo ass hit and im shootin sticks unlimeted ammo you better take 4 cover quick and i smoke a nique thats my last blunt and im hungry nigga so what the fuck 4 lunch and if u try me u get a hawiann punch nigga no lie nigga no play i got yo ass runnin nigga like a relay nascar fast like a corvette and im so paid and i got street respect red bandanna on my right side and im a real nigga i kill yo pride real talk bra all red chuck;s and i got green im talkin dollar buck;s im the king nigga like lebron james number 23 im a ol g and im thug bitch so im sucker free and u flaw ass hell word on the street and i got a chopper lay yo ass flat and u a snitch nigga i call yo ass a rat i got three tat;s yea im ink up cause im stress out and im fed up where the money at what the lick read im a straight killer like assasin creed money bags you know i want the loot nigga im way hotter like a bowl of soup or a cup of coffee with a plate of grits ya girl a gold digger so she aint gettin shit i use to be broke now im filthy rich im a beat yo ass and throw you in a ditch im a mean nigga aint nothin nice bitch im all about my cheese like a damn mice o u wanna fight u better thank twice cause when i knock yo ass out u gone thank im mike

michael jenkins

aint no escaping this pain death is the only way out god can u set me free the devil is holding me down cut from a rare cloth the beast keep following me and he got his army with him why they keep fucking with me hell on earth man i suffered for so many year's can i dry my face now cause i shed so many tear's put a nigga in a hurse so i ain't got no worries these demon's wanna see 6 feet under and fucking buried bitch i been trap for 27 years and i been drinkin all day on some fucking beer's u aint that brave won't u fuckin pull the trigger im ready to go so far as earth i won't miss her im a mad man fuckin waliking and u gone make me take yo life if u keep fuckin talkin on some murda shit i can free yo soul cause heaven better than earth that's what i fuckin know but im only human yea i make mistake's the whole world is evil and feed's off hate where's the exit door it ain't no escape neva mind me bitch im chillin eating grape's he prayin and thinkin the whole time he was save but little do he know he gettin closer to the grave tombstone flow this yo last ride i hustle everyday workin cause i wanna strive has time run out man my head turnin grey i just killed 15 people in one fuckin day so what that tell u bitch im super bad ass the only thing i won't is fuckin green cash

michael jenkins

gotta change my life feelin like i dont wanna live and plus i lost my dog got evicted right out my crib gotta change my life rollin up and gettin high as i look up to the sky feelin like im way behind i been threw so much feelin like why me i can't do this nomore my life seem so empty lord know's i tried lord know's i cried pretending that im happy and i know im not dem hater's wanna throw grease on u and watch u burn like a tator-tot wrong turn im on the road im wreckless step daddy straight cold nigga u selfish wasted my time kick me out the damn house i ain't have a dime i was homeless with no roof i was in the street's with no shoe's i had to starve with no food u a straight back stabber nigga dog fuck u when i wen't to jail u wasn't there i was lock up inside a cell couldn't make bond with no respond it's complicated pain ain't fun money can buy u pussy but it can't buy u love all my weapon's straight lethal nigga like danny glove i use to leave dope money underneath the rug and nigga's went to tellin now im in handcuff's they put me on probation now im like what the fuck the reason i was trappin cause i needed dollar buck's and im gettin honeybun from some pretty slut's im off paper's now so im rollin a fat dutch im in miami chillin right in liberty city i got my blood brother's so aint no fuckin with me i get around nigga going state to state im ballin out and fuck nigga's still gone hate pound 4 pound pimpin i could hold my wait

michael jenkins

i swear i dont even care nomore im a walkin hot flame u can tell by the sweat drippin out my pores rydin in my glass house wit no l's plus i been drinking so mother fuck jail and fuck these nigga's cause i kno dey all stale smoking on dub sacks got it off the scale it's already hot mafucka what's hell an we elimated bitch nigga's that tell cinderella nigga's straight faggot ass and i dont trust no one but my damn cash i keep shit rollin like a bowlin ball try me then ya ass wont have a skull where's ya thinkin cap call him mr asswhole and i got a strap incase u wanna act bold u aint ready for it prayin to a deadman how the hell i pose to talk to a deadman i kno my nigga's feel me and if u dont fuck it cause bitch made nigga's neva will amount to nothin and that's a fact homie naw it aint a lie u gone fuck around and loose ya body threw the sky nigga pick one it's a thousand way's to die that's what i thought nigga coward ass still alive u aint bout dat why u still talkin shit i gotta mafuckin choppa wit a starter kit i promise u this it aint nothin nice and u can ask the o.g that be shootin dice he think he kno the game but he aint moving right how the hell u ballin nigga livin wit no lights i just got country nigga fuck a crib only one rule bra get it how u live and fuck skool bra it aint shit here i bet this mafuckin clip make u thank clear and fuck a 9-5 bitch im my own boss i got the nigga so scared i seem him wit a cross

michael jenkins

i aint even got no pot to piss in lost my crib with a damn eviction that's when i had done lost my car so i stayed at the rescue mission guess i had to start from sctrach smokin on a maverick with a match met so many kool people donated plasma with a needle on the other hand i gotta steer right muscle bound big dude wanna still fight all just because his sweet thang wanna come with me and chill tonite at the same time we been friend's so how u gone be mad at me had to let her come to my house cause she said u had done took the key and plus they had done lost the baby he hit her in the stomach when she was sleep even way before i had transportation only ride i had was my damn feet i just done had lost my cousin sittin in the living poppin pills i just found out shockin news my homegirl done got killed cops dont even know who done it so the killer had got away make the shit so  bad we was just chillin right around yesterday my therapist call me every week to make sure that im ok

michael jenkins

im still up i just seen the damn sunrise and pick a bad bitch up from enterprise aint shit to me im known to do it all the time she say she feelin me and plottin in the back of her mind she wanna marry me i gave that bitch a stopsign real nigga shit aint got no time thot's the only thang i wanna do is hit that soft spot cause im a pimp girl dont get it twisted girl and i'll call u back when i wanna smash girl i kno u hate a real nigga gettin money girl 7.25 u a minimum wage girl pocket change girl that's for the ugly hoe's this for the window shoppin going to the mall hoe's this for the sneak dissin but im still broke hoe's this for the bad bitche's im up to no good hoe's this for the enternet postin fake pic hoe's this for the educated i no all the answer hoe's this shit to fun that's why i luv to do it and fuck the radio nigga i got my own muzik i write my own line's i got my own time i gotta stay away from nigga's i gotta strive for mine

michael jenkins

ill bleed with u ill suffer with u ill cry with u i wanna ride with u i keep it real with u im still here with u im makin luv with u and u the one i still adore cause i fuck with u man shawty a keeper ill neva deceive her man back n da day's she use to page my beeper she neva started no drama she never started no trouble and if a nigga got wrong she pop they ass like a bubble ride or die type chick she got what eva ya need she even went to the trap and got a nigga some weed she stayed faithful to a nigga neva left me alone she even paid for my rent and bought me a phone that's why i love her to death my life sick she my health and when a nigga wuz homeless she pull threw with the help that's why i luv my baby she neva left me alone cause she was present threw struggle way before i had the wheel's n chrome's she the sun of my day and the moon of my night incase dese nigga's be trippin my baby down to fight and i know nigga's hating but she commited to me we share the same birthday so we was ment to be for me and her to keep going and keepin it real neva trade a nigga for money with jewelry and pearl's

michael jenkins

life will challenge you and without self control you lost ya whole body da cost you better take a second and sit wait and think my pastor garret blind so he can't even blink i still believe in god it seem's he not here i showed my cousin love and she living with deaf ear's i know it sound tragic so fuck it im drinkin beer's my lady put the polish on mirror's it's lookin smear so when she left the crib i was sittin and just sketchin and then she got in trouble for toten conceil weapon's so i was thinken damn they talking given her twenty and i was like man the law taking her from me so i had to start all over get it together had to wrestle nigga's like kurt without the medal attitude nigga because the rock said solo drug dealin so im dodgen the fed's i know i made a lot of mistake's yea furcertain im asking put cha tool away man don't hurt me

michael jenkins

there's a storm coming i can see the thunder and rain been threw alot in life but i survive the pain heavy rain fallen from the sky and the ground flooded i was sad when i got that call when i lost my cousin on the other hand i still keep god first i still can't believe that i seen my fam in that hurst broken hearted man but it's still all love may you rest in peace in heaven with the angel's lil cuz not a day goes by still wishin you was here it was foggy at first now my eye's lookin clear still stressed out man cause im dealing with this pain i pray the god the storm go away and this heavy rain at least you in a better place and you aint got no worries why it had to be my fam in that casket now he buried i wish i could find out who took my nigga out man i sholud have been there even though it aint fair

michael jenkins

you supposed to been my first love but you took me for granted we was commited together now im thinkin like damn it after all these year's blood sweat and tear's i gave you everything i had even though you took my bag i can't trust you no more cause you did me wrong going through all my contact's in my i-phone makin up lie's on the internet and facebook i can't deal with it no more hoe you a crook now you call ya self dissin me cause i move on but you the same one i had sex with smellin like pollo calone

michael jenkins

i met a bad bitch and her name mary jane we been talkin for eight year's she still my mane she help me deal with my problem's every single day she said she will neva leave me cause she here to stay i adore her and she real pretty good head on her shoulder's im glad she fuckin wit me even when i was broke and couldn't get a job she was still down to ride she stayed by my side she aint listen to a home girl's tellin lie's dey was hatin on ya cause they knew you had a good guy and shawty kept it real dog even from da start she said she will never hurt me or break my heart and that's da realest shit i ever heard shawty said if it wasn't for mary jane i could have been dead i thank god for sendin me a angel on earth we fuss and fight sometimes but baby we can make this work she even bail a nigga out when i was flat broke then she took me to da mall and got me new clothes then after that me and mary jane went out to dinner it feel's like da lotto man she a winner so all you other ratchet hoe's yall can keep hatin yall just mad cause me and my baby finally made it

michael jenkins

i do it by my self tryna get my bread right just came from da corner store drinkin a budlight gotta whole six pack smokin on a dub sack man dis hip-hop shit dog i love fuckin with gotta all blue chevy ridin wit some dark tent's now da hoe's wanna sweat cause i got a big check i kno i gotta lotta bread bitch i aint finna flex now she wanna give pussy i need a latex all dese ratchet ass hoe's in da hood a straight mess and i don't give a damn who dese nigga's think the best when im done kickin ass ima pop one in ya chest then ima take ya drug's and next i took ya hoe's and then i stole ya chain so nigga fuck da fame thinkin dis a game get hit wit a pedigree and you can suck my dick if u ain't fuckin wit me cause im a real o.g like jesus was started off wit nothin now im rydin dub's im on my boss move shit and in da street's i go by da name toothpick trapper of da year nigga dis my season and i cook so good i keep dem junkie's feanin sippin on dat syrup that shit keep a nigga leanin tryna dodge trouble tryna dodge ancient demon's i don't give a fuck bitch i need milwaukee buck's i just fuck ya girl twice she a straight slut i hustle every day dat money is a fuckin must dat nigga got zero point's so dey call em russ like my green paper say only god i trust

michael jenkins

im so fresh and im clean i just came from da dope man popping a bean finna pull up to da club chick from over sea's she don't even speak english shawty from haiti and she more then a dime nigga dat's my lady so we took five shot's from dat vodka sky and i got weed on me let's roll up and get high im a pimp bitch so you better have my bread snitces wont me lock lock up talkin straight to the fed's and when i came back home i had a check now im sliding threw da hood wit da strap on my lap plus i killed a few niggaz stealin right in my trap gangsta thug status nigga aint no fogaze i walk around da block shot gun 12 gauge that's right nigga im straight arm and dangerous i just want da damn paper dog fuck being famous im da hoe's choice man dey straight love a nigga im down for wateva plus im known for trigger's nigga no lie all dis shit true cause when it come's to da money aint no tellin what i'll do hater's won't me dead these hoe's wanna fuck bitch im a go getta all i kno is dollar buck's

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