Some tears say I’m sorry
Some beg please look at me.
Some tears ask just hold me.
Some tears say leave me please.
Some tears say help me… when I feel alone.
Some tears are full of heartache when a loved one has gone home.
Some tears are shed by lovers, who’ve got broken hearts
Some tears are loosed by enemies for growing apart.
Some tears are shed in hospitals, at work or on the phone.
Some tears are lost in public.
Some tears are lost alone.
Some tears are shed when the maker is in complete and utter fear
Some tears say I miss you and I wish that you were here.
Some tears are loosed for soldiers who’ve gone away to war.
Some tears are lost by citizens ‘cause of what they are fighting for.
Some tears plead for forgiveness, pleasure, or for hope
Some tears bask in their sadness and are better off alone.
Some tears are from the lonely, some tears are from the poor.
Tears are shed by wealthy and the neighbor who lives next door.
But they all serve a purpose for the face that they adorn.
For they all have different meanings for the reason they are born.
All tears are different, every single one unique,
They serve a greater purpose as they run down the master’s cheek.
Tears should not be hidden ignored or withdrawn.
The creator should be comforted until all tears are gone.

So babe when you see me crying and alone,
Please, oh please, don’t leave me here and on my own.

Though most tears are selfish, a way to really cope,
Mine are for you, for they are tears of hope.
I cry for your lack of feeling, your empty hole inside.
Cause babe I’ve thought of you every time that I have cried.
I’m not asking you to love me, to ever feel the same.
I’m just asking you to realize that I am not unchanged.


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