The Perfect Paradox


The Perfect Paradox


For a wise one once said

It is good to have

a good façade.


strong and soft

firm yet flexible

unassuming but thoughtful

honesty with wisdom


slow to anger; quick to embrace

full of passion without extreme emotion

fight for love. cry in happiness

No Regret and No Holding Back

To Live with a vision -- Live in Freedom


O, High-reaching and ever-so-poiséd

Giraffe of Mine Existence

Frame my Façade


Though my life be a paradox, I yearn to cherish it!

Why should I worry about the future?

when I don’t even know the present.


Just beyond the horizon

O untouchable image of dulcet dialectics

I chase after your mirage.

I am merely its shadow.

Can I fake it ‘til I make it?


I run in circles.

No end.

No beginning.

Tautology knows no bounds.

I chase after You.

Let me fake it

Until I become it.


Impossibly inviting to grasp

Let me know you, Giraffe.

And let the future take care of itself.


Let this be my Life Resolution

To have the polished manner

Of a mock-exasperated straight man,

To be open-hearted and graceful as the giraffe, and

To have the hide of a rhinoceros

And the soul of a child.

Let Me Become



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