Who Am I?

This is NOT me!

This is NOT who I am!

This is NOT who I want to be!


I don’t want to be this person anymore,

This fake person who doesn’t belong.

I want to be my old self again.


I changed for you,

So you would accept me.

You still haven’t,

There’s always something wrong

That needs to be fixed.


Can I ever be someone you’ll be proud of or

Will I always be a disappointment?


Am I Perfect?


Do I have your love?


Are you proud to be with me?


Would you replace me?

“Yes, in an instant.”

To you, the me that I am now is a bad thing,

So I need to reinvent myself to match your taste.


Well, I’m over it!

Find someone else to do your bidding!

Because I’m DONE being your little doll!


“WHO am I?”

I am someone I don’t want to be.



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