The Trophy Case Masquerade

Fri, 09/26/2014 - 01:20 -- Jgrif



Sing all the songs

Know all the verses

Run the sound board 

As the band rehearses

And be fake like everyone else is


Wear nice clothes

Put on my "I'm perfect"

I know it's a facade 

I sure hope it's worth it

Wanna fit in with the Holy Writs


Act like the others

This is so wrong

Do I even mean

The words to this song

Guess it don't matter, just sing along


They all do not know

I've come to hate this place

If they knew the real me

I'd be a judged disgrace

So I put on my good happy face


Say the right things

Act the right way

Do nothing wrong

At least for today

Display my life in a trophy case


Gotta show everyone 

How good you are

Pretend all morning 

Till I get back in the car

By then my back cant handle another bend


See, because the real me

They wouldn't let in

This museum of perfect

I would never fit in

So that's why I'm forced to always pretend


The church life we live

Is an alternate reality

Perfectly polished plastic people

Practicing partiality

Makes me scared to show any fallacy 


Now I keep playing

This old charade 

Forget I'm a screw up

Every 7th day

To dance at this masquerade 




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