An Ode to all the Names people have called Me

We are all born with a name.

Some of us have more common names than others.

And you'd be surprised when you think of all the other names that are tied to just one.

And this is what mine has become.



Because I try my best to please people that will never return the favor.

Because I let people "walk all over me" because I forgive ones who have wronged me wronger than wrong.


Because maybe for once I wanted to take action against all the times I had been called a push-over.

Because I put myself first instead of thinking of every other human beings feelings over my one decision.


Because my face and body weren't like all the other girls in my class.

Because I didn't have the straightest teeth or the nicest clothes.


Because I was mad at the world and created this façade that I called myself.

This cocoon that I didn't want to come out of.

Because I wanted other people to like me. So I became someone they'd like.


Because maybe I was searching for love in the wrong places.

Because I became obsessed with finding someone who could break down the walls that I had built so high that I didn't care who I broke down in the process.


Because of how long I've breathed air on this earth. Because of the foolish choices I've made that are connected with the fact that "im still a kid."

But in the end the only name that will ever fit me, is my own.

Because thats who I am.

No matter what others call me, I'll always be myself.

And no other words will ever come close to describing who I truly am.


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