Forever Smiling

My smile will not fade away;

No, not until my dying day.

I must stay strong

For those who do not care.


My heart is surely breaking,

A wineglass dropped on the ground

Without a second thought.

But still my eyes light up

With a wonder sure to dumbfound.

My mind screams to be let out;

It claws its walls and gasps for air.

Still my mask keeps the truth at bay.


I am so strong,

Or at least that's what they say.

You know, those who can never know about

What is actually happening.

They will never discover

The truth which I hide, day by day,

Behind my mask.


Those who care know won't feel the same

When they see how often I give up inside.

They will never, ever see the shame

Of everything that kills me to hide.

They don't even try to ask.



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